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  1. johntang

    Volleyball in Hangzhou

    @JDubI tried joining the group at the top of this thread but got a system error back. Is there a new WeChat group started? thanks!
  2. johntang

    Indoor Volleyball Hangzhou

    I'm interested - when will you be meeting next? thanks!
  3. johntang

    I'm selling 2 second hand bikes

    what kind of bikes? do oyu have pics?
  4. johntang

    Bowling in Hangzhou?

    Hello all, I'm new in Hangzhou and was wondering if there are any bowling leagues set up? Also, how are the lanes here in Hangzhou?
  5. yes, I think I can just get off at xiangjisu lu then walk up bai shi lu. Can you PM me your cell# just in case? - Thanks
  6. I cannot access my personal email from work so I sent you a PM with my phone number.. I will probably be taking the #41 bus to get there.
  7. Hello everyone, I am very new to Hangzhou and am interested in playing some volleyball, however it looks like it is pretty far for me to get there. I am living in Western Hangzhou, near the intersection of Yile Road between Wen'Er and Wensan Road. I work Mon-Fri, so I can probably make it Sunday instead. Let me know if it's still on.
  8. johntang


    how much do you charge per hour? and where do you give the lessons?
  9. johntang

    Stuff For Sale

    PM sent for xbox