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  1. christopher.pacheco

    Giant MTB 20" wheel

    Hello Everyone I'm selling my daughter's bike as soon as we are leaving china and she is too tall for the bike now. Used for a few times since she is very busy handling all the school homework. Below I'm attaching some pictures of it. I've paid 1300 rmb 2 years ago, I'm selling it for 500 since the condition of it is pretty decent.
  2. christopher.pacheco

    How do the Chinese even screw up bacon? God their food sucks.

    @Popcorn Sutton I can sell you sausage if you want. I'm sure it's way better than any you buy here in the supermarkets.
  3. christopher.pacheco


    Chains won't let your bargain too much, such as H&M, Uniqlo, suning and so on. If you find some small shops or street commerce you can try to bargain.
  4. christopher.pacheco

    Price comparison

    If you have basic computing knowledge, you could buy it here and then reinstall windows (windows 10 is easy to install and use a hot key). My computer was bought here and I have no problem so far! For your questions about english websites to shop, it's kinda hard. suning.com and jd.com are the webs I always search for computer parts and components. You have many lenovo options with good prices and very nice configuration. I've bought an Ideapad 310S with max configuration(I7, 8 gb DDR4, 256 GB SSD, good graphics card) for about 4500 rmb if I'm not wrong.
  5. christopher.pacheco

    wanna tips on dating with western guy

    If he is single and sex is a good time for you both, enjoy it. If it gets real and serious, he will generally be more loyal than chinese guys (I never thought I would meet so much cheaters here). We usually are very frank, if he says you are not in a relationship with him, it means you can't monitor him or ask him for loyalty, and the same applies for you... Usually for us, the rules are the same for both, he won't be angry if you date other guys. Relationship is supposed to be something good for both, if you stalk him, for sure he will quit, you are not even his girlfriend and you already feel like a wife.
  6. christopher.pacheco

    Primary School for Kids?

    Replied you through PM, I didn't see the post earlier.
  7. christopher.pacheco

    Primary School for Kids?

    Hangzhou International school fee for the first grade was 195k rmb last year. After recovering from the heart atack I had when they told me the price, I went to a chinese school. The beggining was very tough... but my daughter now is my assistant and can help me in many different topics, 2 years later. It's worth to mention that 4 schools refused my daughter subscription, the last one accepted and supported me in the best way they could.
  8. christopher.pacheco

    This forum quiet for 6 months!!

    the dating section is dead, go to a club and enjoy your time here
  9. christopher.pacheco

    computer chair and Bosch electronic drill for sale

    I'm interested in the chair! where is it located?
  10. christopher.pacheco

    Any decent/EU-style bakeries in Hangzhou?

    There is a bakery called Paris Baguette at power long shopping mall in binjiang... the baguette is very nice but they usually overcook it, getting it too dark for me. The croissant is good but not the same as the brussel's bakeries I've been. Prior to the opening of this place, we just had the classic soft-sweet-classic-chinese-minded-european-bread. Keep in mind, it's good but do not get too excited about it...
  11. christopher.pacheco

    Anybody live in BinJiang??

    I live there! :P
  12. christopher.pacheco

    BBQ and hotpot popular

    I am checking with some restaurants to make a partnership and host it! Do you have any suggestion ?
  13. christopher.pacheco

    BBQ and hotpot popular

    New pictures to make you starve