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  1. I am looking for a full time teaching position somewhere in Xiasha. Native speaker from the US, fluent in Spanish. If anyone knows of anything, please add me on wechat: antunyan Thanks!
  2. If anyone knows a good real state agent or an agency in Xiasha that can help me find an apartment to rent, please let me know. If they can't speak fluent english, it is okay. Thank you very much!
  3. Great! Please, pm me your wechat so we can talk ^^
  4. Ihave experience translating stuff online, so if you need any help translating anything to Spanish just let me know, but I am not qualified for the graphic designer position. Sorry. I just offer my help in the nicest way possible just in case it's urgent for you guys.
  5. Hi there! It's Antía. I was born in America and lived there for 7 years, but then I moved to Spain and I've been living there since then. So, in September I will move to Hangzhou to attend college and I was thinking about improving chinese faster and make some friends too, so if there's anyone interested in learning Spanish or practise their English I will be glad to help you if you can help me with my Chinese (that right now is non-existant, TBH) I would also love to make new friends, so I hope to hear from a lot of people very soon ^^
  6. Hi, everyone. My name is Antía, from Spain, and with my friend Ana we are looking for an apartment in Xiasha to rent from September on. Our budget is not that high, we are thinking about 2000 RMB maximum, but since it is not a really expensive zone maybe we will be able to find something. If anyone can help us or knows of someone that has any place for renting in that zone I will be very glad to talk to you! Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.