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  1. I am sorry, I stopped updating the website but you are welcome to follow our official wechat account Scan the QR code below or go to Add contacts - Official account , then input Hangzhou Expat to follow us.
  2. add this wechat(whatsupinhangzhou) and get invitation to Hangzhou Expat wechat group
  3. I am thinking how to direct some traffic to this forum, we will see.
  4. I think it is because of the spam information, they have a service called 绿网(Green Net), and I can't cancel the service. I was even thinking to change to another ISP last week, I think I am the one who is responsible for all the content, not necessary to let the ISP to check it.
  5. We recently found that some topics were blocked by the host Aliyun, and you will get message "Do not enter" I will try to solve the problem, sorry for that.
  6. Sorry, the field name was Country and I changed it to Country/ Region BTW, it is not a forum to discuss politics
  7. Hi, Matt, welcome aboard.
  8. 你好!


    1. Jake



  9. I agree with Max, China Mobile is the best operator in China.
  10. You can also use mobile phone to take photo and upload at a time
  11. Please let me know where you live, then I can recommend one nearby.
  12. BTW, there are two Apple Stores in Hangzhou MIXC 杭州万象城 701 FuChuan Road, JiangGan District 杭州市江干区富春路 701 号 West Lake 西湖 100 PingHai Road 杭州市上城区平海路 100 号 Reference: http://www.apple.com/cn/retail/storelist/
  13. I don't know any in Hangzhou For a cheap solution I'd suggest you buy a washer and a dryer, won't cost you 1000 yuan in total. and you can sell them when leaving China.
  14. I'd suggest you to upload some photos with your mobile phone On a desktop computer, you have to take photos, save to your computer and then upload them. but it is much easier with your mobile phone. touch Click to choose files, you can select "Take Photo" to call the camera