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  1. It is my fault, enough reason to be angry. very sorry about that. I will enhance anti-spam security check at the registration ............................ update: Changed the Question and Answer challenge and just found the email validation was closed, enabled it again.
  2. Sorry, I will check the activity page daily from now on
  3. He's back Jake. 

    1. Jake


      Thanks for the heads pu.


  4. Time : Sep 2(Saturday), 2:30pm Venue: IFence Sports 杭州孙武国际击剑中心, address: B2, Block F, West Lake Culture Square 西湖文化广场F区B2层 Join the mixer Contact Jake, the wechat ID is whatsupinhangzhou, or scan the QR code below You will get invited to the mixer group as long as you made more than 1 post on this forum Why have this event ? Simply for friendships and share the good time. It is also to welcome the new comers to Hangzhou, to provide a platform for offline networking and to see the face behind the forum names. Want to win 5 free fencing lessons ? (each lesson lasts for 1.5 hours and worths more than 500yuan in total ) Please share the wechat post (https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?timestamp=1503450851&src=3&ver=1&signature=q*Zz4*okNmO9HW3cChkhEaVeozKA2W2JJXXIeA6WgoFHnG-hMKl63Yrzy5u4xUsn4hLepNiwghEZrMHd3V44hXTat5q5PLlzc5PQwtWCJAvAoPHSby9vOmgxO-GOLJ1KdwVYYnkb7YPopbKALpXRqnqTw1eCzR198Sb*wEZiHmw=) on your wechat moment, invite your friends to like your post, we will choose 4 among those who get more than 16 likes before this Friday, the more likes you get, the more chance you win the prize . ( You must go to the mixer to get the prize,) ............................................................................................................... Dear friends, With utmost pleasure I hereby introduce IFence to you, a new international fencing center established in Hangzhou before now. As a fencing master, I've devoted all my life to conveying the values of mutual respect, being strict and united as one, which is also what my tutors had handed down to me. We welcome you to join our big family and continue this commitment, and it will become a crowning glory for us. We hereby set up IFence Sports as we are one! Fencing is a way of life advocated by martial arts. In another word, the time for you or others to become a better person has come. Our dedicated team, together with my international coaches will accompany you walking into the world of fencing. Please allow us to share with you an incredible experience here in IFence Sports. Yours most sincerely, Mr. Marc Bigorra Head Coach of IFence Sports Head Coach of Zhejiang Provincial Fencing Team Champion of European Championship Club French Fencing Master
  5. Beware of the troll(s)

    Thanks I deleted the Jake Mod. thanks for the heads up @Hungry_Hippo @san5324 they change IPs, and if they use VPN it may harm other users too.
  6. Profile page

    Sorry, I am checingk it now. removed.
  7. Hi all!

    Thanks Jeff. and as the temperature is not that hot, I will organize some offline events for people to know each other.
  8. Group wechat

    For anyone who want to join Hangzhou Expat member's wechat group, please make sure you introduced yourself at the New Member form, then add wechat with ID = whatsupinhangzhou, and I will invite you.
  9. Beware of the troll(s)

    I have banned the one, sorry.
  10. Profile page

    Sorry, I have flagged those on your profile page spammer. I will check if there is settings to close this function.
  11. Hi Jake,

    Would you please tell me how to delete my account? I can't find an option to do this anywhere.

    Kind regards


  12. Arriving in 3 weeks

    Huzhou is very close to Hangzhou. welcome
  13. How to block people on Weixin?

    Haha, I can feel you, but you know the boss of this forum is a Chinese. I won't say Zambian are rude because you are rude this time, remember this is a public forum Calm down, it is not a correct way to communicate.
  14. I am sorry, I stopped updating the website but you are welcome to follow our official wechat account Scan the QR code below or go to Add contacts - Official account , then input Hangzhou Expat to follow us.
  15. New here

    add this wechat(whatsupinhangzhou) and get invitation to Hangzhou Expat wechat group