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  1. Raiyan

    Phone repair/ Buying a phone

    Life is incredibly difficult in China. Main problem is foreigners need to depend on Chinese to live in China. The money they offer somehow partially compensates but still it can't be a place to settle down until any foreigner can manage elsewhere. Phone hardship is only 1 example. There are shitty racism all over China over poor foreigners and no chinese understands that they are doing this. Problem is they are getting rich illegally by selling counterfeit low cost products (actually it is only making them stronger to launch their own brand after couple of years of forging, story is same for every acceptable Chinese product. First few years of counterfeiting or partnership, then launching their own brand by stealing the whole intellectual property) and now they are spreading their bad smell everywhere in this world. if a Chinese and a foreigner enters in to a brawl or fight or litigation of any kind inside China, highly likely that foreigner will fail to win, because Chinese and their entourage of any kind do not have the sense of what is right and what is wrong. They will blindly support each other completely ignoring the fact. Sorry for my long saga in a phone related thread.
  2. Hi... pls provide me your phone number. thanks!

  3. Hi I live in Binjiang ren yuan (near ramada hotel and very near to the children's hospital) area and I will be selling one 1st hand e-bike and a chair as of I will be leaving soon. e-bike feature: name – black horse. top speed – 53 km/hour. (NO fake 10 kilometer added in the meter for extra adrenalin rush). Charge – 50+ kilometer on full charge for 2 adult person on bike. No broken options, all are working fine. (light, horn etc). No repair done until now after purchasing it and barely used since my home is very near to office. Every single accessory is available (padlock, charger, multi-plug and raincoat etc.) Purchasing invoice and other papers are available. Asking price – 1700 yuan. (I bought it with 2700 yuan). Chair feature: Superb comfort for long seating for computer work. You will not feel cold when you seat on it in the winter. You can dismantle it and then bring it to your home, there you can again build it. Asking price – 275 yuan. (I bought it with 388 yuan from taobao). I have added all required pictures. Please contact me privately. BR//Raiyan
  4. True but I was wondering if landing in SH and then coming to HZ will be allowed or not, because I will do this just before the G20 summit... current security situation seems they wont allow even a fly to enter Hangzhou. Well you know here actually there is no rules to follow, anything can be a rule here anytime. Similarly, I am expecting my passport day after tomorrow morning from PSB and will fly to Australia in the evening. Now suddenly today saw this - http://www.santaferelo.com/knowledge-bank/Immigration-Update-China-Permit-and-Visa-Applications-in-China-may-be-delayed-prior-to-G20-Summit IF they don't give my passport saying "G20" then my money for this trip will be lost since nothing in my trip is amendable or refundable, since I opted for cheapest everything. This, if happens will set me back in such a way, that I wont be able to stand up again for around 6 months. Actually nothing is standard here... kind of veering or mercurial. That is why I asked this question.
  5. Raiyan

    How do you watch TV.

    There are couple of illigal foreign IP TV set top box company around. I HAD one set top box, it costed as below - thebox itself 1200 yuan yearly subscription 1500 yuan English channels like HBO, AXN should be available. Later I didnt have enough time to watch tv and also I could not survive the subscription fee on 2nd year.
  6. Raiyan

    RMB to Australian dollars

    Thanks Boris for quick reply.
  7. Raiyan

    RMB to Australian dollars

    Thanks for reply. Do they need my passport to do the change? I have slight change in my plan, I will do USD -> AUD. Its not Yuan -> AUD. is that OK? I don't have my passport now in my hand, it is in the PSB for visa renew. But I have the receipt. BR//Raiyan
  8. Hi Expats I will go to Melbourne soon and will be back to Hangzhou during G20. Could anybody pls give me concrete information about if I can land in pudong and then come to Hangzhou by bus? I know that landing in HZ xiaoxan airport during G20 is not allowed. So thinking about this alternative approach.
  9. Raiyan

    The Big Three Pros and Cons

    I could not thank you more for asking (and surely introduced yourself who you are) @san5324 this very question. The very 1st chance I will get to get out of here, I will be world's happiest person, truly. Your next advise (yes you will say this) : then shut the f*** up your dirty mouth till that day! My answer : Doing the same dude. But that day, the D day, this world won't be enough, I promise. The injustices, the cheatings and not having the sense of right and wrong will be paid back full to the brim! O yeah I forgot, the racism, I am sorry Boris, for my wrong assumption before. The outrageous racism is a sad story of China. NO, "Guest" is NOT suitable you know, "Guest" by definition is someone who will get some acceptance from locals, the appropriate word will be "Pariah". This word "Pariah" is reserved for foreigners here. BR//Raiyan
  10. Raiyan

    electric motorcycles

    OK I choosed to answer this question since my ebike helps me to do all of my short distance daily trips. I heard from this forum that any battery driven bike with pedals, whose weight does not cross 15 kg is legal in downtown. All other ebikes are illigal. my bike is a full blown battery driven motorcycle with no pedals and weight far more than 15 kg. Seems 99% of the ebikes in hangzhou are illigal. I am using it for around 1.5 years and until today, I was never caught, only in some instances when I saw cops were stopping ebikes in front of me, I took an U turn and took other ways to my destination. Just need to remain vigilent. Ebikes are far more convenient than cars in China for short everyday commuting. Driving license is not needed to drive it.
  11. Raiyan

    electric motorcycles

    Anybody has suggestions, roughly when I should put my e-bike into the garage? Currently I live in Binjinag and surely you can understand, I don't wanna loose my bike during G20. Seems to me from August 15th. What do you say? 2nd, anybody knows any place in Binjinag, where e-bike could be overhauled? well, its not exact repair but my e-bike (no pedals, fully battery driven illegal e-bike) makes lot of mechanical sounds while I drive it, seems internal tandems will break apart soon. BR//Raiyan
  12. Raiyan

    Western hair dresser

    @san5324 seems expensive. From binjiang to the rail station to shanghai by bullet train, in shanghai from station to the saloon then 298 yuan hair cut and back in the same way. Cant afford it.
  13. Raiyan

    ATM Transaction fees

    I want to go with local bank acc. for 4 months if a student visa is obtained. will save some money. But anyway, due that your currency is Euro, you might also not feel it (while withdrawing with your Irish card) due to the Euro - RMB conversion rate. There are expats here from your country, their recommendation will prevail.
  14. Raiyan

    Western hair dresser

    @san5324 Please drop their address and phone. Thanks.