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  1. pipi

    ddewey and spinach big moving sale

    How much is the canoe?...if you haven't sold it yet
  2. Is there anybody in Xiaoshan?

    1. TIMTIM


      yes am in Xiaoshan nice to know am not alone

    2. Jebowski
  3. so touched to find all "oldbies" still around...

    1. Jake


      maybe they will complain to you about my poor management, hehe

    2. yongditie
    3. HangzhouEvents


      Pipi, I'd like to complain about Jake's... Just kidding. Good to see you visiting us.

  4. pipi

    You'll never be Chinese

    maybe no chance to visit them before they are leaving if they are really gonna leave... if i can choose, i don't want my kid to be educated here either
  5. pipi

    Do You Want A Cool Title ?

    Feeling good that I am not forgotten... :wub: Thank you, hangzhouvian. When jake told me about the "cool title", I thought he was talking about a special name other than the ranking title. :)
  6. Bravoļ¼There will be two starbucks around me in Xiaoshan in Sept~

  7. Pipi is a mom now :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pipi
    3. hangzhouvian


      congrats. Now I know why you were too busy to write much on this website.

    4. hangzhouvian


      congrats. Now I know why you were too busy to write much on this website.

  8. pipi

    who runs/controls this site

    @Skynerd, We could only said that the site was founded by some locals and expats together back in 2003. It is not a commercial site and people are coming and going, nobody really runs it or control it. It is running itself with all members' contribution. @Karellen Actually comparing with Hangzhou, Suzhou provides a better Policy/administrative/working environment for foreigners than Hangzhou. There are many foreigners in the small city and they should get together very easily. There is a forum http://suzhou-expats.net/index.php and a event site http://www.whatsoninsuzhou.com.cn. There are many places and activities to have fun with many people in real life.
  9. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    Yeah, if you answer is yes, then you already have no privacy here, why do you care about us reading your e-mails.
  10. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    Again, the email function here never works and so we'll never have any chance to read your e-mail. Assuming it works, it is a part of the system, not our intention, and the system gives your warning as you posted. So just forget that e-mail function. Thanks for posting it here anyway. Do you think government is entitled to do that even in China?
  11. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    Hi smb7110, I am sorry that this system has no outbox for PMs. As there is no popup message confirming PM sent out, my suggestion is to wait until the loading icon disappears...that means the PM has been sent out. I'll see if there is another way to solve this problem.
  12. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    Sorry, I was testing locally. And there is also no "message sent" popups for me here. But the message was sent out and when you reply message in your messenger, everything works. I guess the issue is caused by the server, but not sure, still investigating...
  13. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    I assume that you can see the PM icon under others' avatar, when you click on it, a window pops up. You can enter title and content of your PM, then click send. And then you see "Loading" in process. Unfortunately, this takes longer than you expects, you should wait patiently until another window pops up saying "Message sent." When you see your PM in your messenger and reply on the PM you get, it won't take that long. That's the result of my testing. Let me know if you still have this problem.
  14. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    That's what we should do, js201104. We should be sorry for the inconvenience. Can you tell me if you can see the PM icon and what happens if you click on it?
  15. pipi

    I Miss the Older Version

    First of all, we know that the change of the system would a challenge for us all. However, we decided to make the change, bcs the new system does have some nice features. Maybe many of you think it is not necessary, but we believe that some of these function will be demanded in the future so that we could offer more than just a forum. People hate changes, so do we, as it takes time for us to learn and get used to the new system. We hope that we could explore it together. @js201104 For your questions, what I found is as below for now. 1. There is no unfriend option yet in this new system yet. And you can only see "your friends list" when the one you added as friend approves your request. Will let you know as soon as we find a way to remove a friend. 2. Under every member's avatar there is an icon. When you click on it, you can send a PM to this member. To go to your own messenger, you can click the dropdown menu on the top-right of the page and select "messenger". To enable PM, you can select "My Settings" on above mentioned dropdown menu, then "Notification Options". The last option in "Privacy Setting" you can find "Disable my personal messenger". Check to disable it or uncheck to enable it. 3. You can hide your status after you login. If you don't want others to know you are logged in, you can login "anonymously". You can find the option when you sign in. 4. I have reset the postcount for each member rank. Now you are a "newbie". Any other questions are welcome to be posted here. Thank you.