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  1. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    I'm in Hangzhou since 2 months and next week I will start to study chinese in the zheijang University. I live in linping there's some other expat here that live near me?
  2. Macsforzo

    College Counseling Positions

    Hi, i'm an Italian Teacher living in Hangzhou. I'm not graduated from a top 50 american universities, but i'm a experienced teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching in primary and middle schools. Does your program includes Italian universities or just US ones?
  3. Macsforzo

    Looking for an American for a full time job

    Well i did a lot of researches about the american market in the company where i'm actually working. So i'm pretty familiar with it. May I know what's this company business?
  4. Macsforzo

    Looking for an American for a full time job

    May i know why only american? I'm from Italy, what's wrong with me?
  5. Hi Connie, Probably chinese culture is still very strong in mind of chinese boys. I think is very strange to consider "old" a 30 years old girl...i mean i'm from Italy and in my country is exactly the opposite. Nobody wants a wife younger than 30 years old. You have normal hobbies, you like the same things as many other people loves. I have many chinese friends that usually tells me that they have to find a husband before coming too old and they usually took the first guy that manifest some interest in them. I think this is totally wrong and a family should prefer that you find the right man that you will love forever instead finding a man that you will love just for make your parents happy. Anyway i hope that you will keep searching for a true love ...maybe an italian handsome love :D ... before takin a husband just because your mama is cryin'.
  6. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    Well, inLinpting there's two communities of foreigners,Teachers and employes. I don't know what the teachers do every day. I never meet them around the city and i think they just have a lot of work to do. I'm in the other group. We usually have some dinner together on the weekends and we usually go to jojo club or jing jing bar. Sometimes we like also Mazin in xintiandi or 1991. If you want to meet foreigners the best place is surely jojo club at friday night.
  7. Macsforzo

    Bored? 无聊吗? ...PS4 +some games for sale!

    Do you still sell the ps4?
  8. Macsforzo

    Looking for fellow club-goers

    In wich part of Hangzhou do you live? I'm in Linping
  9. Macsforzo

    Looking for fellow club-goers

    In wich part of Hangzhou do you live? I'm in Linping
  10. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    I'm back in Linping if someone need some help to visit the town
  11. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    Also Linping has been involved in G20. Every bar has a check at the entrance and the police is everywhere. Actually i'm in italy but i will be back in hangzhou in september. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  12. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    Best places in linping are 99 club (inside the Walmart mall) phebe club located in xingguang street close to linping north station and 1991 club close to the hospital. There are also some other nice places like mazin in xintiandi and jing jing close to people square. AAnyway if someone need help for linping [please send me private message for my contact information]
  13. Macsforzo

    Northern Irish in Xiasha

    Welcome, I study in xiasha, but I live in linping.
  14. Macsforzo

    Moved to Hangzhou

    Hi,in wich part of hangzhou you are?
  15. Macsforzo

    Just a little ot

    I recently received a job offer from a society located in shaoxing. But I really don't know nothing about this city, can someone help me to understand if it should be a good idea moving me there or not? The job offer is good but not special but my worries are about the free time. There's some kind of fun in that city? Places where meet girls, have a beer...things like that?
  16. Macsforzo

    New member here

    Welcome. Where do you live in hangzhou.
  17. Macsforzo

    New Hangzhouexpat member

    Welcome. Where you are in hangzhou?
  18. Macsforzo

    Future ZGSU student looking for an accomodation

    There's a lot of dormitory rooms here on xiasha, and also a lot of apartments for rent. I don't live here, but I know is almost easy to find a place. You will come to study chinese or something else?
  19. Macsforzo

    Linping, Hangzhou

    I live in linping too.
  20. Macsforzo

    New to Xiasha HZ

    I study in xiasha at the University of business and financial.
  21. Macsforzo

    New in town

    Io studio a xiasha alla zheijang University. Sto pensando di prendere casa lì per essere un po' più vicino dato che muoversi tutte le mattine da linping é un po' macchinoso. Nel caso un giorno che non ho troppe lezioni ci prendiamo un caffè.
  22. Macsforzo

    New in town

    Ciao, io sono Tiziano e vivo ad Hangzhou da qualche mese. Insieme a me ci sono altri italiani. Viviamo a Linping. Nel distretto di Yuhang.
  23. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    If you need any help just contact me via wechat. I can show you where to go in linping for eat, shopping, have fun and all that you need. These weeks I have no school so I have lot of free time. ​ [please send me private message for my wechat ID]
  24. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    I know lots of funny places here in linping. Usually I go to 99 or phebe. Xintiandi is a beautiful little place. Sometimes I go to the mazin.
  25. Macsforzo

    Someone living in linping?

    Hi Jake. I live in Linping because i have friends here and when i came to china they offer me a place where stay for the first months. I've found a little job here in Linping and that's the reason. Is just a little far from univesity, but is a place that i know and where i can pracice my chinese better than other places .