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  1. Hi guys, there is a Singaporean bilingual preschool in Binjiang's Rainbow city estate blk 33 called Kidsglobal International. There is a preschool program Playgroup to Kindergarten for children 24 months - 6yrs. There is also a public play area and ball pit at the centre. Drop by for a visit or contact me at 18368854521 , tiff@kidsglobal.org visit our facebook page at : or our website http://kidsglobal.wix.com/hz-kidsglobal http://user.qzone.qq.com/1620037116/4 Cheers´╝ü
  2. wow ouch. ok that was a tad aggressive yea. didnt mean to offend anyone here. Sorry for the spamming, pls ignore my posts if it bothers you. peace!