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    Beer, rock, racing, motorcycles, cars, table tennis, guitars and having fun of course.


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  1. Thanks Jake! I've only been here in HZ for a short while but this was my best party experience so far. Nice to see a lot of Chinese locals there also. I'll sure as h*ll go on the next one!
  2. Andy_swede

    Newbie in HZ

    Hi Jake! Edited: Thanks for the invitation! I'll do my best to join. No promises made, no promises broken.
  3. Andy_swede

    Newbie in HZ

    Hello all! I'm new in Hangzhou, been living here for two weeks. In fact I'm so new that I really don't know what's the proper name of my area, but I can tell you, it's not the slick areas with champagne and caviar at least. Dong dong was it called by a fellow colleague? (Close to the work trade off.) My name is Andreas, I'm from Sweden, I'm 37 years old and I work as a engineer here. I'll be here for at least 3 month. I've been doing pretty much all hard labours you can imagine before I finally grew out of the beer drunken haze and got myself a masters degree in science. I still like a good party and rock'n'roll though. I play table tennis, badminton and tennis so if any of you is lacking a companion, please let me know. I like hiking, racing, technology, quantum physics, motorcycles... blabla. I have too many interests! I pretend that I can play guitar, but I imagine that eventually, one day, I'll have to stop pretending. Anyway, just wanted to say hello to you all!
  4. Andy_swede

    Table tennis, badminton or tennis

    Hi! I'm new in Hangzhou. Been living here for a week. From what I've (not) heard at my work noone knows where one can play som ball sports like table tennis, badminton and tennis. I live in the Jianggan disctrict and would like to find some people to play with for fun. Especially table tennis shouldn't be that hard... It's China for heavens sake. If anyone have any suggestions I would thankfully recieve them. BR/ Andy