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  1. Durban Girl

    Fired via Text message after I resigned. What now?

    Most of those "Blacklist / Report" websites seems fishy to me too now because I submitted and or asked questions and NOTHING, no response. China, got to love this place there is a trick or nasty treat to everything LOL
  2. Durban Girl

    Fired via Text message after I resigned. What now?

    Oh I found another interesting one where Maggie "The agents" lets me know that the school will pay me the interest classes. Pity I never saw any of the RMB2500 owed to date. Anyway, I had a very productive day. I wrote a letter to the Minister of Education, copied so many relevant departments including the Police. I then took a copy of that letter to the local Linping Police who are now quite familiar with who I am and my problems. They were as usual so kind and made a couple of phone calls and before I knew it they were driving me with a police translator to the labour department. It was a little uneasy because the entire labour department staff and "visitors" came closer to hear my complaints but I just put on my thick skin and told my story again. They asked me what I want from the school and agent. I asked for my final salary, over time (outstanding since September) RMB2500 for the Interest classes (4 months unpaid). They worked it out to about RMB14000. And so now the Labour department will go to school in the morning and listen to the Kindergarten story and then suggest that the Kindergarten, agent and myself get together and negotiate. Well one step closer so I will wait and see where that avenue leads. To everyone who have sent me private messages of support and or have had similar experiences with same or different agents and school, thank you for sharing. It is good to know that there is support and that we are not alone in this foreign country.
  3. Durban Girl

    Fired via Text message after I resigned. What now?

    Thanks all for the feedback. I truly appreciate all advice and help. Let me answer some questions. I did send numerous requests to the school telling them that I cannot accept being fired via text message. They ignored me but I think I will go back to local police again and get them to stamp an official letter ? The last time I went to the local police station here in Linping they actually called the school to come there but the owner of Little Doctor Kindergarten was nowhere to be seen and sent two teachers instead (innocent souls) they told police the school will pay me. Well that didn't happen. I went to the Visa office in Hangzhou too and the Visa investigation man called the agent Maggie, of course she tried to throw curve balls and make me look like the problem. She was instructed to talk pay me compensation to which she agreed but sent text threats instead. The apartment I am in is not on my name. It was arranged by the agents "Leo or Maggie" But I'm not leaving this apartment UNTIL I am paid. If the landlord comes as the agent's text stated to take back the apartment, well then I'll take that landlord by the hand to the police station so they can explain the situation to her.These scumbag agents and school bargain on us foreigner just giving up and leaving and I will NOT do that. They can come with their military buddies and "F" me up and force me to leave China and all else they want to threaten me with I don't care I'll stay right here until I'm paid. I feel sorry for the new South African guy they have employed in my place, poor soul has no idea what will happen to him when he starts asking questions. The Visa police told me they can't cancel my Z visa and or residence permit without me being present however this is China so anything is possible. Good thing is that I have created awareness of my situation. I will follow all recommendations on this thread. Thank you for caring.
  4. Okay so I was one of the unlucky "stupid too" ones that landed up with unethical agents called Maggie & Leo and Hangzhou Yuhang Little Doctor Art Kindergarten here in Linping. For 4 months I had endless problems with the Agents and the school owner Mrs Li. They played me like a yoyo regarding my working hours, wages, overtime, extra lesson for extra pay etc. Turns out they are best friends so no one really had any intention of assisting me and finding a solution. I have so much evidence of all their little games they played, ducking and diving and lie after lie for 4 months. Long story short I finally had enough after they breached the contract / working conditions over and over and owing me thousands they had the audacity to still try renegotiate a new contract with the conditions that I work more hours for less money. They used words like we know you love the children here so if you want to continue working here you MUST.........I refused. Then they brought in another foreigner teacher (same agent) to try intimidate me into accepting their new deal. Naturally, I refused and so I resigned handing them a 3 page letter listing all the employment conditions breached AND I was nice to give them 1 month notice. Well then the threats, intimidation etc. got even worse and the day after I resigned the "agent" Maggie fired me via text message. So here I am they threated to hurt me, cancel my visa, force me to leave China, and that the landlord will come take back my apartment bla bla bla. I'm still here and they still playing hide and seek. All I need is my money and a release letter and I'll be on my merry way but it seems in China it doesn't work this way. If anyone reading this has any advise or ideas what to do next please let me know. I'm quite happy to stay and play.
  5. Anyone know which is the best and most economical way to send gift parcels from China to South Africa? China Post quoted me almost RMB300 to send their standard size box which cant hold much either.
  6. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I transferred from another province to Hangzhou and waiting on paperwork so I did not go to the police station on the 1st day back in the country for my residence permit (was in Hong Kong for a break) but the 1st day back I was in a Hotel and didn’t even know my new address. I work through an agent so was really waiting on him but I was also NOT aware that one had to register on the 1st day back in the country. At the police station I did not understand one word of the discussions and was sent up to the investigation office where the police guy was nice but he too didn't speak English and the procedure was very intimidating. I had to sign documents I did not understand (all in Chinese) then I had to do my thumb fingerprint over my signature and while doing so I was being photographed. The agent paid a fine and I was given a pink form which apparently states that I have been fined and warned for failing to register. What exactly does this mean besides the obvious that I failed to register.
  7. Durban Girl

    Someone living in linping?

    Greetings! I'm also in Linping. Been here a week and still trying to NOT get lost ha-ha.