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    Design, Industrial Design, Street Photography, Music (Hardcore, Metalcore, Punk rock, etc.), Guitar playing.

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  1. Luis Martinez


    Hey man, Also got here recently, 3 months ago. Industrial Designer here and I can only say few things in Chinese. Anyways, I'm not a huge electronica fan but a fellow countryman is a DJ at 9 Club and is always gigging around town as well. Stuff is pretty decent compared to major nightclubs in the city. I'm also into photography, mostly documenting my stay here and small trips, etc... you can check out my flickr page if you have time (and VPN haha): https://www.flickr.com/photos/luispichi/ Feel free to PM if you wanna get in touch on wechat.
  2. Luis Martinez

    Hellos from a Mexican in Hangzhou

    Hey man, that is awesome! I'm also an Industrial Designer, I also live in Binjiang and got here 2 weeks ago! Definitely hit me up on personal message for wechat details and we can hang out if you're up for it.
  3. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​sure! send me your contact info on personal message.
  4. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​Cool. I like it there, I live in Binjiang but metro is just a few steps from my place so I can get around easily.
  5. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​Sounds interesting! My mandarin is still very bad. What part of town do you live in? Feel free to send contact details on PM.
  6. Jonny, so far the area is pretty nice. I can't really say I know the place but I've been to a few places here and there and I guess my advice is just to be prepared to walk long distances. Or just get a bike, you can also use the bike sharing service but near my apartment I just can't find any in the mornings to go to work so I might just buy one, the deposit for bike sharing is 200RMB and I think a decent-yet-cheap one costs around 300-400 RMB, but at least is something you can rely on having, plus you won't get time restrictions. I actually go to work just on the border with Xiaoxan which is another district. Btw, My situation is pretty much the same as yours, I'm not a recent graduate but hadn't had much work experience back home and I also took an internship/job. I just had little over a month to do prep work, and everything has worked out just fine. So I guess just good luck! and see you around!
  7. Hello, I just got here myself a week ago and still need to do a lot of exploring. Both me and my housemate and coworker from the US, actually. I'd be down to get around town. Do you know where in Hangzhou will you be living? I'm located in Binjiang just a few steps from Xixing metro station, for future reference! Feel free to PM for contact details!
  8. Luis Martinez

    BBQ and hotpot popular

    ​That sure looks tasty! Wouldn't mind some picanha myself. Let me know if you want to get together some time for dinner! So is that the same place as advertised above, otherwise would you mind sharing details on this one?
  9. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​That's too bad! Well VPN's work rather good here. I've been using that all the time, since I'm a bit homesick. I've just arrived myself here and haven't done a lot of exploring yet, so yeah I'm down to hang out. My housemate is from the US, so maybe he'd be down as well. The more, the merrier. I live in Binjiang. A few steps away from Xixin metro. I'll get you my wechat ID in PM.
  10. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​Lol, How do you know "que pedo"??? That's so Mexican. Yeah, I'm traveling back to México in early January for visa purposes as well; after using up one reentry in Hong Kong and a visa extension. Thanks for the VPN tip, I heard about it but it's good to know about the protocol thing. As for the place I want to go, I think I'm going to be pretty spoiled at first (someone picking me up at the airport at Shanghai I think), but yeah I'll definitely use the tip for other places. Just don't know where I should even go! haha. I'll post my location as soon as I know it. Maybe someone recommend stores and other stuff in the area.
  11. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    ​What up man? Good to know people familiar with my cuisine haha. I'll see what ingredients are available in the city and maybe make the most out of them, in terms of mexican food. Other than that, I'm really looking forward to what Hangzhou has to offer gastronomically. Add me up on wechat so we can get together sometime and explore!
  12. Luis Martinez

    Moving in from Mexico

    Hello everyone, I'm coming over from Mexico next week. Got an internship that will last for a year, but I hope it turns into something more permanent sooner than that. I got accommodation taken care of by the company, which I think is a lifesaver since I can't really say I speak Chinese yet (though, I'm working on it). I'm an Industrial Designer and that will be my main function where I'll be working, but I also enjoy Photography, here's a link to my flickr page if anyone's interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/luispichi/ So, I hope to be taking lots of pictures and also travel the surroundings. I'll also be in Hong Kong in early November, just in case someone's up for a small trip. Naturally, my native language is Spanish but I'm pretty fluent in English. That being said, I'm looking forward to meeting all kinds of different people. By the way, I also really enjoy cooking and everything food related. [please send me private message for my wechat and Facebook user name] Cheers! Luis
  13. Hey man, I see you're from Mexico as well. I'm getting to HZ myself on October 8th. Staying there for a while for work. Anyways, thought it'd be nice to know someone from back home also living in town. PM me if you want! Maybe you can share some arriving tips?