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  1. Earthvillager

    finally ballroom-dance again CANELLED!

    Ballroom dance? Wow! That's what I would like to do
  2. Earthvillager

    Accept or not

    it should be a good experience for you
  3. Earthvillager

    Life in Hangzhou

    1.yes you can live without knowing mandarin, like many already live there 2. Should be easy to go out w locals 3.depending on your definition 4. Sure plenty
  4. [please send me private message for my contact information] ken
  5. Earthvillager

    New to Xiasha but not HZ

    Hi moi, I live nearby Gongshang Univ. I found it's easy to find sport facilities in Xiasha but not social gethering places. If you would like to chat or meet somewhere please leave me a message. Liwen
  6. Earthvillager

    Salsa in Binjiang

    I dance salsa too. There are a few places. Flamenko on Friday 9:30 -? (巴特洛新自由西餐厅 Wen Yi Lu 文一路294号集盒3楼313商铺 电话: 0571-28995598) Uncle Martin on Saturday 9:30 -? (UNCLE MARTIN安可马丁西餐酒廊, 下城区 密渡桥路17号武林新世纪大厦2楼(近杭州大厦D座) 电话: 0571-88864477 喧客德国餐吧 on Friday ( 下城区 庆春路大福清巷青春坊32幢1-3室(嘉德广场旁)(两岸咖啡) 电话: 0571-56660999 Salsa in Binjiang happens on weekdays at Share's Bar Sorry I don't how to translate road into Chinese. You can ask my phone number if you want to find out how to get there.
  7. Earthvillager

    New to Xiasha HZ

    @‌Germanexplorer BTW I lived and worked in Erlangen for two years and speak some German if you can tolerant my crapy skill.
  8. Earthvillager

    New to Xiasha HZ

    Would love to meet you guys. Dinner is OK but around Xiasha there is no place running too late unless going to downtown. Let me know. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  9. Earthvillager

    New to Xiasha HZ

    Hi all, I am from US but I am ethnically Hangzhou native. Also work in Auto industry and live in Xiasha. Would love to know you guys and join your XiaSha club. [please send me private message for contact information] liwen
  10. Earthvillager

    Coming to China!

    Welcome to Hangzhou Paul! You'll like it