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  1. I found this interesting – the CIA has made its historical declassified documents available online and I was able to find this guide to Hangzhou from 1975! CIA-RDP86T00608R000600130003-0.pdf
  2. Why, yes! As I mentioned, if the document originates from outside of China it has to be authenticated. At least that’s what I’ve been told. By diploma I literally mean just a piece of paper from an accredited University stating that you have earned BA, MA, MSci, MEng, PhD or what ever degree. They collect your information such as dates, student ID number, etc and apparently have the means to verify it. When I was submitting my application I saw someone with diplomas from University of Edinburgh, University of Melbourne…
  3. With respect to diplomas it seems to be totally inaccurate! The advice was based on my experience authenticating the health check and no criminal record forms. However there’s a government office in China that can authenticate your diploma for you.
  4. It’s great that you found it useful! But please notice that all that I described apparently doesn’t apply to diplomas. I only recently found this out but there is a government agency that can authenticate your diploma, they only need to see the original, no prior authentication of any sort is required.
  5. That is not the case. I had it done it in the US on a form downloaded from the Chinese embassy website. But I wish I did it in China, I was just not aware of such an option. Because if you do it abroad you have to authenticate it at the Chinese embassy, and the first step of this lengthy process is to get it authenticated by a notary public. Guess what? When I turned up at the practice with a notary public whom I hired, my physician refused to show her ID. According to her it’s because her driver’s license had her address and she didn’t have her passport with her. This basically rendered the exam form useless. Fortunately for me the notary personally knew another doctor who does health checks for immigration purposes and he agreed to help me out (mind that I’ve been to this guy’s practice before and was told by a receptionist that he can only do a specific health check form for green card, not just any health check form). The same notary guy later told me (no offense to anyone): “You’re European, you don’t know how it works here. It’s all true what they say, many people here are stupid, you alway have to talk to the boss.”
  6. I remember there was a job ad for the French bakery run by the French on this forum. Try looking for it and see if they’re still in business.
  7. Argh, I tried looking for the actual Mojito bar but could find it on morehangzhou website although it was recently featured on their WeChat page. This here should be good enough, it’s right next to it: http://morehangzhou.com/venue/detail/college-b-r.html
  8. Hi Tanya, What do you mean by the “expat situation” exactly? In short, there are quite a few expats, restaurants serving Western food and supermarkets carrying imported goods, but I think your experience will be defined the most by which part of the city you are going to live in. If you could specify what you are interested in I could try to give more specific answers. You can also DM me in Russian.
  9. Actually I have an update on that. Apparently there’s a government department that does foreign degree authentication. You can submit documents right here in Hangzhou, near Gudang. They only need the original diploma (no apostille required), passport(s) and some paperwork in Chinese. And you get to keep all the originals, they only need to see it once and take pictures / copies.
  10. I'm not American myself but I think it makes a lot of sense to make it very clear how much of your money actually goes to the Man.
  11. Yeah, also mind that in the US the sales tax is not initially shown. Plus I’ve heard there is a “luxury goods tax” in China, I guess those two would account for the difference.
  12. I noticed that for food, not for gadgets though.
  13. >40% import tax Is there a trade war already?
  14. Hey, not sure if it helps but here, I've received an ad recently from a gym chain.