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  1. unclemax


    Also mind that there might be limits on withdrawing money back from Alipay to your bank account, as in, first X RMB can be withdrawn for free and then you must pay a fee, so treat it rather like a current expenses account or a way to pay for things (when money is transferred from your bank account to Alipay during the transaction).
  2. unclemax


    Go to mobile.alipay.com on your phone and you will be able to download and install an .apk file (not sure about the app language though). Totally. To register your UnionPay card you’ll need to enter your name, mobile number and passport number you used when you opened your bank account. Make sure you enter everything precisely as is stated in bank documents, e.g. it’s probably SURNAMEFIRSTNAME and also make sure ID type is Passport, not national ID card.
  3. unclemax

    New Menu Suggestions For Wade's

    What are the street addresses for e.g. Aladin and Sana'a?
  4. unclemax

    North Korean

    I suggest not going at all. My understanding is that these businesses are controlled by the state so the currency they earn is likely going to be spent on luxury items for the party dons and their concubines. I suggest not supporting that regime in any way.
  5. unclemax

    New Menu Suggestions For Wade's

    I’d love some Middle Eastern-ish food, at least at the level of starters, say pita bread and humus, falafel. Maybe (dönner) kebab as main dish, too. I don’t think I need to explain what these are but feel free to reply if you want to know more.
  6. unclemax

    Degree Authentication required?

    If the criminal record check is needed for work you can scan your prints at a few places and get the result relatively quickly, however I believe that such result cannot be apostilled by the State Department. So for our purposes, yes. You need to find a fingerprinting specialist, do the prints on a special form and mail it to the FBI. I don’t know what’s their website, I attach the map showing physical location. I suggest asking a Chinese friend to help you find their website though because if you want to submit diploma for authentication you need to pay a fee in advance.
  7. unclemax

    Would like to teach lesson online

    “I speak English fluently”?
  8. unclemax

    Warning: Fake job postings to catch visa violators

    From the common sense perspective - sure. I meant that from the point of law and how it's practiced non-citizens are a) not always entitled to due process b) not alway given due process.
  9. unclemax

    Warning: Fake job postings to catch visa violators

    Here, https://theintercept.com/2016/03/02/threat-against-trump-on-facebook-leads-to-deportation-order-for-egyptian-student/
  10. unclemax

    Warning: Fake job postings to catch visa violators

    Kicking out a foreigner is always doable and sometimes even easy. I remember reading about an Egyptian guy in California who suggested on social media that if he killed Trump he’d be doing everyone a favor (this was way back, early 2016 or even 2015). The ICE had a talk with his education institution, they cancelled his paperwork and he had to leave.
  11. unclemax

    Degree Authentication required?

    If he’s in the US criminal history check is going to be a major pain in the ass. You have to be fingerprinted (physically), have the prints sent to the FBI and response takes 11+ weeks. Oh, and that’s without State Department apostille and Chinese embassy authentication.
  12. unclemax

    PRC City Brief – Hangzhou

    I found this interesting – the CIA has made its historical declassified documents available online and I was able to find this guide to Hangzhou from 1975! CIA-RDP86T00608R000600130003-0.pdf
  13. unclemax

    Degree Authentication required?

    Why, yes! As I mentioned, if the document originates from outside of China it has to be authenticated. At least that’s what I’ve been told. By diploma I literally mean just a piece of paper from an accredited University stating that you have earned BA, MA, MSci, MEng, PhD or what ever degree. They collect your information such as dates, student ID number, etc and apparently have the means to verify it. When I was submitting my application I saw someone with diplomas from University of Edinburgh, University of Melbourne…
  14. unclemax

    Degree Authentication required?

    With respect to diplomas it seems to be totally inaccurate! The advice was based on my experience authenticating the health check and no criminal record forms. However there’s a government office in China that can authenticate your diploma for you.
  15. unclemax

    Degree Authentication required?

    It’s great that you found it useful! But please notice that all that I described apparently doesn’t apply to diplomas. I only recently found this out but there is a government agency that can authenticate your diploma, they only need to see the original, no prior authentication of any sort is required.