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  1. murphy0430

    TEFL in china

    I specifically asked where to get an acceptable TEFL in China. That was the main questions. So working outside of China for 2 years after I’m already settled here is out of the question. So I will simplify it. I’m not leaving China.
  2. murphy0430

    TEFL in china

    You realize to get a legal working visa this is required. I can’t work illegally for 2 years to get the experience cause the experience earned in China needs to be from an actual work visa to begin with.....
  3. murphy0430

    TEFL in china

    Hey, So I'm starting my application for work Z visa and I hit a speed bump. I either need 2 years of related work experience..... or ...... TEFL in china that can be verified through the tefl.safea.gov.cn website to finish my paper work. Doe anyone know where I can get an acceptable TEFL for my work visa? Thanks!!!!
  4. murphy0430

    Need to find an apartment

    Hi Toby, is it 2-3 bedroom cause me and boyfriend are moving out of our place and we want no roommates. We also have a dog as well. Thanks,
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm looking to find a 2-3 bedroom apartment in Xihu area. I currently am paying 2400 for 3 bedroom near Zhejiang University the biggest campus in Hangzhou. Would like to find another apartment near the same area and price. If you know of any please let me know. Me and my boyfriend are wanting to move to our own place together without his roomates. Thank you,