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  1. Darren & Tanzinne


    Hey man. You still have these tools?
  2. Darren & Tanzinne

    Looking for an acoustic or acoustic/electric guitar.

    Epiphone? A wildkat Koa in particular.
  3. Darren & Tanzinne

    Where to get a good Root Beer Float in Hangzhou?

    I’ve had a root beer float at Slims New York Steak restaurant In Binjiang before. It’s in Star Avenue mall. Decent root beer float made with A&W root beer. Somewhat pricey but definitely worth it. They had pretty decent hamburgers as well. Give them a try
  4. I am looking for an acoustic guitar or an acoustic electric or even a semi-hollow body electric. I sold all my gear back home before moving to China and I want to pick it up again but can’t afford to buy all new gear.
  5. Darren & Tanzinne

    rapport of authentification

    Hello Ossie. You would have to get them authenticated at your Embassy/Consulate in Shanghai or beijing.
  6. Darren & Tanzinne

    What is required for new work visa?

    Hey Mr Zheng. You do unfortunately have to get your documents certified from your countries embassy or from back home, there is a gentlemen ive seen on wechat that can help with the notarisation and apostilling of documents. you send him your documents and he gets them notarised or apostilled. you can contact him on wechat :GTS830302 or email him on legalization.services@yahoo.com Hope this helps.
  7. Darren & Tanzinne

    Using the town bike?

    The best thing to do is go to the metro and buy a metro card(if you dont have one) and load 200 on it and then at the bicycle stands just tag your card on the post and it will release the bicycle, then when you done put the bike back in any nearby bike station and tag your card again. the 200 is a deposit to use the bikes. This is for the red bikes that are attched to little electronic stands.
  8. Darren & Tanzinne

    Indoor Football (soccer)

    Hey @timothyz whereabouts is the game on Monday?
  9. Hello There. We are a young couple from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a small city in comparison to Hangzhou and other chinese cities, however it is one of the larger cities here in South Africa. We have always had a immense passion for children and education, and have been working with children and tutoring for 15 years or more collectively. We would truly appreciate an opportunity to come an teach English in Hangzhou, as it is a wonderfully beautiful city and has so much deep heritage woven into the city & culture. We do not have our bachelor degrees unfortunately, however we both have studied for our diplomas in our respective fields. I, Tanzinne am a qualified chef with a Diploma in Culinary excellence and Kitchen Hygiene, I have been involved in tutoring and teaching disadvantaged children the basics of cooking and also been a leader in Christian Youth Ministries for children aged 6 up to 18. I, Darren am a qualified Apple Technician and have my Diploma in Music Education. I have been involved with youth ministry and have been a Youth Pastor ( Run the youth groups, organise lessons and events, teach at local schools.) and a youth sports development facilitator in various sporting codes. We are wanting desperately to be in Hangzhou by the end of October this year, to be teaching to your beautiful children and also to learn as much as possible about your wonderful culture and country. Although we do not have BA Degrees, we have a lot of experience with children and a deep passion and love for working with them, we would teach with a heartfelt enthusiasm and passion and we believe those qualities are worth more than a degree. Please find below our basic resumes and two photos of us. Kindest Regards Darren & Tanzinne.