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  1. hellyessica

    Recommend websites for finding an apartment

    Ziroom is a great site (hz.ziroom.com), especially for finding shared apartmemts. They have standardized quality across the apartments they offer. I think they may just be getting started up in HZ, lots of listings say under construction. I haven't used them myself, but I hear they don't have the problems like people mentioned above. The other main sites are 58, Lianjia, and Woaiwojia (hz.58.com, hz.lianjia.cn, hz.5a5j.com). Lots of false listings on those.
  2. I bought these headphones in Hong Kong last month, then I was given a better pair as a hand-me-down from a friend! So no need for the new Beats. Bought them new for about 900rmb, selling for 600rmb. They've only been worn a couple times, never even taken out of the house. As good as new. They are collapsible and come with a carrying case. Here's an Amazon link for specs: https://www.amazon.com/Beats-Solo2-Wired-Ear-Headphone/dp/B00IYA2YRK The pic below is what I have, the box I abandoned before flying back from Hong Kong.
  3. hellyessica

    New to forum, not new to HZ

    Ah sorry, it means that I was running a study abroad program for US college students. :)
  4. hellyessica

    New to forum, not new to HZ

    Hey all, I'm Jessica. American, from Seattle. Newish to the forum but not to Hangzhou. I've been working in international education for the past two years here. Hoping to meet a few more people and find out about more events happening around the city, Chinese or expat!