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  1. JinShan

    Nexus Internaional activity

    Hello, My name is Jinshan and I am the founder of a research phase start up. Our product is a battery with indefinite lifespan. Currently, we are looking for seed funding to begin testing and commercialization. Is this something Nexus Space can facilitate?
  2. Looking for investor/ partner to bring the product from research phase to testing/commercialization. For inquiries email: [please send me private message for my contact information]
  3. Hello, I am interested to learn more about the company. Please send me an email [send me private message for my email address]
  4. JinShan

    I PHONE 5 16GB

    Is this phone still available?
  5. Currently: Feeling out China. Learning the language, meeting the people. Purpose: found a Start-up for the local market. Likes: Rock climbing, golf, calligraphy. Dislikes: ...well, im just tryna stay positive. The name is JinShan and I'm always up for a cup of tea. Cheers, JW
  6. OK. No thank you I will just use up work.
  7. I am have tech start up that needs system engineer and programing. Are you able to create OS?
  8. What is your budget? I have a few places that would be good for your launch event.
  9. Hello, I am an entrepreneur looking for a co-working space here in Hangzhou. If you know where I can find this type of place or even a temporary office, please contact me via this forum. Cheers, Jinshan
  10. JinShan

    Tech Partner Wanted

    That's pretty vague. What type of platform and what skills do you have?
  11. Hello, I am from Canada looking for a room to Rent in Hangzhou, close to Gonshu or even in the city centre. [please send me message for my contact information] if you have a room available asap. Cheers!
  12. JinShan

    Nice room available

    Hello, I am a man but I am very clean and quite. Is it possible to live there?