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  1. ZAcelliers

    How to send pic in the form

    Good Evening Well, two options. Use the create button at the top and select gallery image. Or, the other is once you create a topic, you can either drag the file you want to post to the box where you are typing, or select the "choose files" option and select the file.
  2. ZAcelliers

    How do you watch TV.

    Ooooh, yes, keep me posted on that. I kinda fudged my tv box experiment. Can't get it to jump from Android 4.0.4 to higher version, and other OS's want to know nil. Which OS you running on your Pi?
  3. ZAcelliers

    How do you watch TV.

    @Boris Johnson I have actually managed to crack one of the TV boxes you get from the internet providers. Running Kodi, and it streams like a jet... d 70Mb up 4Mb. full 1080 streaming from various repo's
  4. ZAcelliers

    New to Tonglu

    Pretty easy. Just can't remember the bus that goes to the station off hand now. Once at the station, you go straight in. Once there, you can ask them for a ticket to East Railway (tie lu dong). It costs 40RMB. There is one departure area, with the gates marked above the door, on your ticket it will tell you the time, gate etc. Hope on, anything from 50min to 1hour 30min and you are there, traffic dependent. Then depending where in HZ you want to go, East Railway is massive, but you can use the metro to go anywhere, more busses that also go to different sections and then the bullet trains etc.
  5. ZAcelliers

    Supermarket in Tonglu

    Live in Yaolin Lu. Basically the street one more up away from the river.
  6. ZAcelliers

    Supermarket in Tonglu

    ok, awesome, you are on the right side of the river :) he he. Which school are you at?
  7. ZAcelliers

    Supermarket in Tonglu

    The easiest is RT Mart. which area do you live in Tonglu?
  8. ZAcelliers

    Flat mate?

    You can go the PayPal route or even WeChat or Alipay, then work if you have an account linked here and one back home. I haven't tried it, but you could probably create different accounts with e-mails. But most are linked to your phone number... Will have a look into it, for single account users. We are lucky, we have a chinese friend that lives back in SA, so we just send him cash and he deposits into our account.
  9. ZAcelliers


    You can use vpn on your phone, the balls up comes in with the location. It seems to be very "iffy" when you use vpn with google maps in china. It keeps thinking you are somewhere else. I have tried it with mixed success. But it is possible. I agree 100% with @Ding2go keep the important info on your phone, and even have someone write it on a business card sized paper to keep in your wallet, as phones have a way of dying at the greatest moments possible. All the best, and if you need more help with VPN etc, you can give me a shout too.
  10. This a a quick reference for new members to this forum and even forums in general. Many on this forum started right where you are, and have over time built up and become part of the "family", so to say. If you are familiar to forums, great. If not here is the most basic of things you need to know. Straight off the bat, the term newbie, will be your tag for a while, this does not mean anything bad. It is simply a reference to the fact that you are new to the forum. "A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new." - Urban Dictionary. You have come to this forum, either to meet other/new people, or to simply ask a question. Both are fine, but please pay attention to the guides when asking questions. The chances that you will get a solid answer, covering the question/s you have asked will depend on a couple of factors: Use the search function within the forum, to possibly find the same or similar question you have. This way, it makes it easier for the next person to find the answer to their question. If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for, you can create a new topic under Hangzhou Questions & Answers. When posting, keep it as simple and as clear as possible. This makes it easier for our multi-national, multi-lingual community to assist you. (We know and understand that not everyone on this forum is a native English speaker.) Please use common sense. "Dumb" questions will have our unique trolls and keyboard warriors on you quicker than you think. This goes for repeated questions as well. Manners cost you nothing. We are a community of different races, cultures and beliefs. Try and ask or say something in the same way you would to someone on the street, without the possibility of being punched in the teeth. If you do create a topic, do not simply "hit and run". Meaning, do not post your question, get your answer and disappear. Give credit where credit is due. On the bottom right of the answer you have received, there is a green arrow pointing up, simple click on that, and say thanks to the user for the information. I hope that this gives a better idea of how to co-exist a little easier, and make the adjustment to China smoother.
  11. ZAcelliers

    Typhoon coming to a Town near you

    I can just imagine...
  12. ZAcelliers

    How do you watch TV.

    Doesn't the RPi 3 support it?? and that is why i am looking into flashing this this somehow. To do a clean load of an android OS somehow, but it is slow going. Could actually become a handy thing possibly. Would be great if one could sideload something like PhoenixOS or Remix onto it... Then you have HW and SW encoding, which would be pretty damn nice on all content.
  13. ZAcelliers

    Starbucks Coffe

    Alot of restaurants and take-aways also have free wifi. there will usually be a paper stuck to the wall randomly, with (most of the time) the wifi name and the code to access.
  14. ZAcelliers

    Typhoon coming to a Town near you

    Days off would be a plus. Well looks like that wave has come and gone. It would be "great" if it rained enough to get off work for a bit, but all that happens at the moment, is everything just gets wet and miserable. Apparently alot of damage in some areas.
  15. ZAcelliers

    How do you watch TV.

    Hmmm... also via plugin's etc, or paid subscriptions? sorry about the questions, just haven't played with plex enough to clarify, and the reading up I have done about it, kinda leaves me with a little less info than what I started with. :)