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  1. Lisabchina

    Share Office Space

    For us, we found that Servcorp was too expensive. We found a small business that rents an apartment in a semi commercial building was our answer. We pay half of the 3,000rmb monthly rent. It has 2 bedrooms that have been turned into offices and then a large siting room with table and chairs and a couch and armchairs as shared areas for meetings etc. There is a kitchen and a bathroom also. This is enough to give us what we need. The internet is paid by the other business as they are there 7 days per week and are happy to share. So we have an address, somewhere to have meetings etc yet we don't need o be there al of the time.
  2. Lisabchina

    Share Office Space

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with a Shared Office in Hangzhou or Xiaoshan? Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
  3. Hello, Are you still looking for someone? I am available on Tuesdays Please send me a private message if you are interested. Thank you
  4. I have a friend who recently landed in hangzhou. He is an ex-professional soccer player, having played professionally in Cameroon, France and Spain. He has also coached many teams over a period of 15 years. Seeking part-time hours for one-on-one or group coaching from now until the end of summer. If you are interested please message me and I will make the connection.
  5. Need any football coaches for summer?  I know an ex-professional football player that recently arrived in China.  He has played professionally in France, Spain and Cameroon.  Looking for some part time hours.  Please let me know if you are looking for anyone.  Thanks

  6. Lisabchina

    Hair Extensions

    China is the worlds leading manufacturer. There are whole industrial parks dedicated to this. Is it just for personal use or do you want to bug in bulk?
  7. Lisabchina

    Where to Buy Work-Clothes

    I go to Shanghai to the South Bund Fabric Market (I will give you detailed directions etc if you want) and get suits made there. It pretty reasonable, about 200rmb for custom made pants, 120-150rmb for a custom shirt. It takes a week to have stuff made.
  8. Lisabchina

    2 months in!

    Yes, I Amin ZHEJIANG also. Xiaoshan is part of Hangzhou. Are you no longer in Hangzhou?
  9. Lisabchina

    2 months in!

    Hi! I've been in Hangzhou (Xiaoshan) for 5 months now. Always up for meeting new people. Send me a message
  10. Lisabchina


    Hey Matthew! Hangzhou is a great city to live in in China. Where to go etc really depends on where you'll be living. Do you have any idea what area? there are plenty of wine bars etc downtown but I am in Xiaoshan so I have a better idea of the scene there. I also teach English so if you have any questions, send me a message!
  11. Lisabchina

    Small bookcase.

    There is always Taobao but the other low cost option is IKEA
  12. Lisabchina

    Lady shoes size 43 zai nar?

    I am a 41/42 and cannot find shoes in HZ. I either buy in Taobao or go to Shanghai
  13. Lisabchina

    Is there a Gym in Xiaoshan Hangzhou?

    If you haven't found one yet, there is one in the HenLong Plaza near the Holiday Inn (peoples Square Subway)
  14. Lisabchina

    Anna in Hangzhou

    Hi Anna, I'm fairly new to Hanghzou a also, been here for 4 months. Finally getting about and looking for some people to meet and do things together. I also enjoying hiking and Starbucks is my second home since I've been in China.
  15. Lisabchina


    Hey everyone, I'm new to Hangzhou Expat. Been living in Hangzhou (Xiashan) since July and love to meet some new people that speak English! I'm the only foreigner where I work, so it's a little isolating. I look forward to meeting people at the next event.