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  1. HZ_Time

    French Bulldogs

    Hi, I'm not sure about French Bulldog, but I found a very nice beer shop that brews pure golden ale beer. They have the community of pure ale brewers (not only golden), you can go and have a check. It's around the Binjiang area. I guess if you search around, you can find it. (Sorry, the pure golden, French ass part of me couldn't resist...)
  2. HZ_Time


    Please note that the British consulate in Shanghai does NOT notarize documents. You have to go to the American Consulate-Public Citizens Center to get documents notarized. Go to the American Consulate website and schedule an appointment. Also, call them ahead of time to confirm they will notarize for a non-U.S. Citizen. I was at the American Consulate-Public Citizens Center getting documents notarized today, and the British couple in front of me told me this.
  3. HZ_Time

    how to get my money back

    You need to describe the circumstances, where you met, how you met, how long was your relationship. Also, do you know any of his friends?
  4. HZ_Time

    HangzhouDong area near jinshahu station

    That's Xiasha district, and there's nothing within walking distance. Doubletree Hilton has a great breakfast buffet, but the internet is horrible--even worse than normal Chinese mainland standards. The good news is your'e only a 3 minute walk to the Jinshahu station. You can take the metro toward West Lake. 25 minutes later, you can get off at Fengqi Rd station, and it's a 5 minute walk to Wades (163 Wulin Rd, good food) and a bunch of places on Changshou Rd (Hardrock, Midtown, etc). Continue to Ding'An Rd station, and it's only 10 minutes to Eudora Station (101 Nanshan Rd, live band on weekends, decent food). The subway closes early, so if you're out late, you'll have to take a taxi home. (Don't forget to bring your hotel Chinese address card if your'e Mandarin isn't top-notch). Unfortunately, the best concentration of nightlife is on the north and west side of West Lake, and taxi's the best way to get there (Maya Bar, College Bar, 9 Club, Wade's on Wensan, etc). It will be 30-45 minutes to get there. Taxi service in Hangzhou is notoriously bad. Don't be offended if the first few taxis don't stop for you.
  5. I came to China a couple of years ago with dogs. My transport company flew the dogs into Guangzhou to avoid the quarantine period, required by Shanghai/Beijing because the rabies shots were less than 30 days old. If the shots are between 30 days and 1 year old, then Shanghai/Beijing wouldn't require the quarantine. (In the U.S. 3-year rabies booster shots are available, but China does NOT recognize >1 year rabies shots.) BIG CAUTION: One of my dogs died from eating rat poison that was scattered around my apartment compound. The same thing happened to a friend of mine in Shanghai. I've never heard of this happening where I came from in the U.S. (Michigan/Ohio), so I assume that there's a tendency toward carelessness in the application of rat poison here. (The proper way to apply rat poison is to find the rat holes and pour the pellets into the holes--not scatter the pellets around where small children and dogs can get it!) So, be careful to watch your dog when going out of walks. I've never been harassed by police for walking my dogs. But China Rule#1 states "Just because a law isn't enforced today doesn't mean it won't be enforced tomorrow (with no warning or reason and possibly with much malice)." This is especially true in Hangzhou, the Shanghai-wannabe, Tier 1.5, chip-on-the-shoulder, beautiful city on the West Lake.
  6. HZ_Time

    Can I fly my pet into Hangzhou airport?

    You can't bring your pet into ANY airport unless you've prepared the necessary paperwork (immunization, vet examination, etc) ahead of time. I would use a pet relocation service, if you can. Here's the service that moved my pet: https://www.worldcarepet.com/pdf/guide_to_pet_travel.pdf
  7. HZ_Time

    Degree Authentication required?

    Actually, I read your description of the process last year, and in my opinion, it was excellent and needed no response because it was so well written.
  8. HZ_Time

    Which is best bank these days

    Not 100% same. Some have English language help lines and English language online access--for example, ICBC (I'm told).
  9. HZ_Time

    Which is best bank these days

    I have China Construction Bank. There are many locations, but the website/online banking is 100% Chinese. In China, many times, the company where you work will dictate what bank you must use. When opening an account, here's a couple of words of advice: (1) Remember EXACTLY what name you used to open the account (e.g. John Doe Smith, Smith John Doe, JohnDoeSmith, etc). The exact spelling and order will be critical for setting up transactions (AliPay, online transactions, etc). (2) Remember what BRANCH you opened the account. Again, this might be critical for for future online transactions (bank-to-bank, etc). (3) Open your online account access at the same time you open an account. It's a pain in the ass to get online access, so you might as well do it at the same time. (4) Don't LOSE your debit card. If you do, the bank will shut down your account for a few days or a week until the new card is available. If you need money during that time, you'll have to go into the branch.
  10. HZ_Time

    Do any of you go to METRO supermarket?

    I 100% agree with you. If it weren't on my way from work, I wouldn't go there. Here's my list of Pros/Cons for Metro. If someone sees an alternative, better location to buy the following items (other than Sam's), please let me know: Pros: Wide price range of wines and liquors; and they have 三鞭酒 :-) They have PBR, which I buy as a gag gift to give to my Chinese colleagues and tell them this is a taste of 'Merica. They were the only place in Hangzhou selling Halloween costumes, when I needed one last minute. They sell large 2-3kg blocks of cheese. Large whole milk selection. They have spam, ground coffee, jam, They take Visa credit card. Cons: Lousy beer selection (other than PBR-Pabst Blue Ribbon), No skim milk. Terrible cracker selection (for eating with cheese). Terrible sausage selection (for eating with crackers and cheese).
  11. HZ_Time

    BBQ and hotpot popular

    I went to this King Hot Pot yesterday, for lunch, and it was awesome. Decent service. Decent food. Decent atmosphere. Hangzhou finally has a decent restaurant that I'm not embarrassed to bring people from Shanghai to.
  12. HZ_Time

    bar fights with chinese thugs

    But topic has completely changed from bar fighting to menstrual blood coagulation.
  13. HZ_Time

    Looking for fellow club-goers

    I created a WeChat group (scan the QR code below). Let's get this started! @Shezz428: I didn't see your QR code, so I went ahead and started one...
  14. HZ_Time

    residence registration

    Residence registration process at the Hangzhou police station now (Nov 2, 2016) requires you to bring your Landlord-Lessee agreement. If you're subletting or you have a non-written lease agreement, I guess you better get an agreement in writing. I confirmed with immigration experts in Shanghai that Shanghai police do NOT require the Landlord-Lease agreement to register, so it's a unique requirement to Hangzhou. I love Hangzhou.
  15. Boris is correct. An EMAIL should be direct and concise. It should be professional--NEVER adversarial. (Remember, unless encrypted, email are open-domain).