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  1. hangzhouliving

    Best online dating site?

    in Hangzhou?
  2. hangzhouliving

    U.S. American Male

    You must have a small dong or something dude. Get a life.
  3. hangzhouliving

    American Guys

    I am actually one of the least cocky people you will meet. True there are stereotypes.. I was just asking about 1 of them that I heard was generally true. Maybe I phrased it in a way that made me sound superior... It's just what I heard. Since I've been here for 2 days I get looks all the time as I stick out. Maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way. I am generally finding that people are more interested in me because I am American. Bottom line is everyone stereotypes to some degree. I wouldn't get mad at locals looking at me different I just accept it for what it is. My question was more based on how Chinese women perceive American men. Didn't know I had to be politically correct in asking a question on an informal message board... Pretty ridiculous.
  4. hangzhouliving

    American Guys

    lol you sound pissed. It was just a question.
  5. hangzhouliving

    U.S. American Male

    im 29 just moved to Hangzhou from NYC. Looking to date expats or locals. I work in banking.
  6. hangzhouliving

    Online Ordering

    Where is nearest grocery store near Oakwood? Had Starbucks coffee and muffin today. My stomach does not feel good.
  7. hangzhouliving

    American Guys

    Don't get it
  8. hangzhouliving

    Online Ordering

    What about fieldschina.com?
  9. hangzhouliving

    Online Ordering

    well I was not so concerned but reading so much online I think I am scaring myself.
  10. hangzhouliving

    American Guys

    Lol I am but seriously am I right?
  11. hangzhouliving

    American Guys

    is it true that all the locals love American dudes? Are we what they would call in America - male version of a throphy wife?
  12. hangzhouliving

    Air filter

    coming from the U.S. I'm living in Oakwood temporarily. Does it make sense to get an air filter system. I've only been here for 24 hours but my eyes and throat have been bothering me. I think because of pollution I am not used to.
  13. hangzhouliving

    Online Ordering

    i just got to HZ. I'm living in Oakwood. I am concerned about food quality.. Maybe more than I should be but is there a place online that will deliver? At least online I know where the food is coming from (hopefully if true). In the stores I am worried I will have no idea what I'm buying. I'm trying to be open minded but at the same time be safe. Any suggestions please?