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  1. New venue it’s elegant and dance friendly the drinks are incredible
  2. The night we all been waiting for for only 68!rmb you get to drink all you want the whole night with good music bumping into your ears 9 club has done it again 2 top class djs and a special hiphop performance from the movement party starts at 10pm
  3. I'm sorry didn't log in till now and yes it was we got another event this Sunday called Fill up 9 club in 9 club
  4. This Sunday doors open @ 10pm the All star Djs bring you the most anticipated event of the year#Fill-up 9 club that has been trending this whole month be part of history,in this electric atmosphere they bring you 5 djs on rotation this means all genres will be covered with each dj bringing a different set this is a night you will never forget .with beer and cocktail promotions this night caters for both alcoholics and music fanatics#fill-up9club
  5. This can be called the bigger and better ellens .Leos cafe attracts mainly foreign students from zhejiang university and usually gets packed with its beer that have great prices and their extremely friendly staff and incredibly young dj the young dj that came from playing at reggae bar and 9 club come through this Friday today actually for an incredible show
  6. TurnupGang presents Open bar college recess yes it's real free beer free cocktails we mean any cocktail come to this new place filled with students from bunch of universities and the working class dope music dope vibe this Wednesday see you there address 申花路789号剑桥公社c-1 (浙大紫金港校区正门对面)
  7. From the organizers who brought you the first ever snap chat party this Friday Dj Phil and Dj Painkilla bring u the first ever endorsed Instagram party picture at the entrance and club screens come create memories with us Music -trap,hiphop,dancehAll
  8. Friday bro
  9. Another mouth watering event brought to you by TheExtraordinary DJs we all know it's stressing when just want to have fun not for a relationship we bring to you an opportunity to do it with no strings the event is absolutely free 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  10. Extraordinary Dj in collaboration with hangzhou expats bring to you the first Snap Chat part as has been going on all over the world it finally lands in China,Hangzhou expats and ED gives a chance to the Snap Chat community to join hands with the expats in a mission to expand the expat community#surprise Dj on the day and the 9 club resident Djs Dj painkiller and Dj Philjay Scan the Expat Qr stand a chance to win prizes
  11. The two resident Djs for 9club cook up a new logo and a new brand called extraordinary Djs and launch it with this retro party from the 90s-2000s and also bring Shisha on the house come have a good time with yours truly Dj Philjay &Dj Painkilla (ED) Friday 16 April
  12. An even most of us were waiting for the dancehall superstar has been making hits for the past decade trending as far as the uk on this Day he comes to hangzhou to quinch every reggae and dancehall persons thirst,with a sound that has been accepted all over the world and his number 1 hit track Disappear that has been number one on bbc uk radio this is not a show to miss .Winky D will be along side Dj Fyn one of the biggest African Djs in China and also Rising Stars Dj moogie and Dj Phil tickets will be 120 rmb be there tell a friend to tell a friend
  13. We all know you new you want to meet people from from different universities we give you this chance affordable beers best sound best Djs in the game and a guest Dj on the day it's the team that brought you the international flag party Djs on rotation The mighty shizel who kicks house music like a badman his hiphop and electro is on point too Dj painkilla his an all rounder his a painkilla for real his dancehall selection is to die for,then we got Dj Phil on that hiphop rotation too watch the space get ready we gona make history+free bottles too
  14. It's that time of the year where lovers paint the city red but this time we do it a little different we celebrate both the singles and the couples if u single on the night u might get a little bit lucky.We at 9 club take over cupids role that night #djs of the night Dj Phil,Painkilla,Shizel and Mc Scotty we give you the best sound from hiphop,rnb,house,deep house tell a friend to tell a friend
  15. This is a night everyone's been waiting for if its hiphop you love we got you,if you love Jamaican music this is the night for you we got our very own djs battling on the night it will be a set of hiphop then a set of dancehall after that each Dj will play the best of each genre ,live Dj battle,on the alcohol side we got you Tsingtao only 10 yuan,shots just 5 yuan come through Dj Phil,Dj painkiller,Dj Shizel 9 club