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  1. nafa

    Animal welfare?

    Taking it in isn't really an option for me. I just thought somebody would know some sort of animal rescue place. I know it's probably rare to find something like that in China...
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knows if there is any animal welfare society in Hangzhou. Where I live, somebody put a rabbit cage outside. It's quite a big rabbit. It's been standing outside for at least a week now, maybe longer. The rabbit gets fed some salad or cabbage leaves, but it doesn't get any water. It has to sit in a small cage with nothing protecting its paws from the wire. And except for a cover on top of the cage it's pretty much exposed to all the elements. It's also quite dirty now, as it's basically sitting in its own dirt. I feel quite sorry for it, because obviously somebody didn't want it in their apartment anymore. Do you know if there is any animal welfare society in Hangzhou that could help save the rabbit? I have attached some photos... sorry for the poor quality
  3. nafa

    E-Bike for sale 电动车

    I am interested in your e-bike. I sent you a private message.