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  1. Razinov Aleksandr

    Looking for Native Russian Teacher

    Oh my god, why you waiting 8 years!!!??? )))
  2. Razinov Aleksandr

    Shop of electronic components

    Hi guys. Help me please. Where I can buy some electronic components, near Xiasha. I looking for something like smd electronic components, AVR Atmega microcontrollers, Arduino, LEDs etc. I know about TAOBAO and other online shops, but I looking for real one ))) Thanks a lot.
  3. Razinov Aleksandr

    Coffee sale

    I have one more coffee. Ground coffee medium roast.Good quality. 500g.Cost 60 yuan.
  4. Razinov Aleksandr

    Coffee sale

  5. Razinov Aleksandr

    Coffee sale

  6. Razinov Aleksandr

    Coffee sale

    Hi. I have some coffee for sale. Good 100% freeze dried coffee Maxim, big pack 500g. It is from Russia. Price 120 yuan.
  7. Razinov Aleksandr

    Sale Bicycle

  8. Razinov Aleksandr

    Sale Bicycle

  9. Razinov Aleksandr

    Sale Bicycle

    Hi everyone! I still sale Bicycle, and i have one more for sale. It is very good conditions, a large range of settings 180 Yuan, there is a small deal
  10. Razinov Aleksandr

    Amateur Actress Wanted

  11. Razinov Aleksandr

    Sale Bicycle

    Sale Bicycle, good conditions. 150 Yuan. Hangzhou Xiasha, near 文海南路-地铁站 metro station. You can write me in WeChat. [please send me private message for my contact information]