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  1. Heck, you might as well just make a new one yo. =D
  2. JupiterD3v

    Back in town...

    You missed some blue skies but besides that, it's all grey now.
  3. So did you guys manage to find any good Chicago Style food?
  4. There's a lot of meetup parties around, check for them. Good place to network if you are a social person.
  5. JupiterD3v

    Steak Resturants still running

    Finding a good steak must be hard in China.
  6. What are you exactly looking for?
  7. JupiterD3v

    Moving a Desktop overseas

    He doesn't need a voltage converter, most modern PSU has switchable voltage and cable.
  8. JupiterD3v

    Current best pizza in HZ

    Excuse me for saying this but is it really that hard to get a good slice of Pizza in Hangzhou? I'm in Hangzhou in and out throughout the year so I have no idea.
  9. JupiterD3v


    Whoa! I would love to attend this but it has since past.
  10. JupiterD3v

    blue mountain cafe

    Sounds more like a cafe for coffee instead.
  11. JupiterD3v

    Moving a Desktop overseas

    Is it even worth moving? All you need is a big box, with a lot of air bubbles. If you really want to protect it, use microfoam. What kind of PC is it? Customized?
  12. JupiterD3v

    Specialty Coffee in Hangzhou

    mcdougle seems like you also enjoy amazing coffee. I will check out XX Cafe and Hers Coffee later when I'm back in Hangzhou later on this summer.
  13. JupiterD3v

    Best university to study mandarin

    You can get a free ride there, they offer full scholarship there at Zhejiang University. I can get one =D
  14. JupiterD3v

    Apartment hunting in Gongshu

    I recommend asking your work place for apartments nearby the location of your choice or even companies that does real estate. It's rare for someone to help you with apartment finding since it's soo damn hard. We don't even know what kind of apartment you're looking for, price range, size range, etc.
  15. JupiterD3v

    Specialty Coffee in Hangzhou

    I will definitely give it a try.