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  1. Hey have you found an apartment yet ? Mine is all equipped and for rent. Cami
  2. Hello ! My name is Cami, I'm from Canada and I want to rent my apartment. The apartment is situated in Jianggan district. It's a perfect apartment for one person or a couple. I have lived there for the last 6 months with my boyfriend. The apartment is very clean, almost new, 65 m2, situated 2 mins walk from a bus stop, 5 mins walk from a metro station (line 4, Xintang). It has 1 big bedroom, a kitchen, a balcony, a bathroom and a big living room. It is equipped with a washing machine, TV, free internet until September (I paid for 1 year internet contract). The rent includes all the furniture that we bought ourselves and we would give it all to you (kitchen goods, chairs, table, sofa, bed, bookshelves, curtains, NEW IKEA mattress 2000 RMB value). We are leaving because we found an apartment fully equiped and closer to our work. The rent is 3400 RMB/ month. Available on March 12th. Pay 2 months rent to the agency on March 11th, 2 months deposit to us (we paid deposit for July and August). Negociable. Please feel free to contact me on my cellphone or wechat, I speak French and English : [please send me private message for my contact information]