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  1. sorry zac it's too late,this week i will come back in Italy for starting a new job,thanks for response. take care :)
  2. food class is closed,because this week i will come back in Italy for starting a new job. thanks everybody
  3. @ Dan.Tan in Italy we said: you climb up into the mirror. take care dude
  4. @san5234 sorry you have right, i have many problem with internet connection,vpn,sing up in this forum etc....at least if i had recapitulate all my experience in one word in Hangzhou,it could be: PROBLEMS,PROBLEMS,PROBLEMS . ever fortunally next week i will come back in Italy and i'm starting with a new job,where all my kowledges are appreciated. i'm sorrow but this city felling me unless every day
  5. i'm going to Eudora i mean 10 times but i've never listen live music!!!
  6. welcome,bienvenido,benvenuto!!
  7. juventus 2 bayern 4 ....and justice for all.....(metallica tribute) ahhahahaahha
  8. ahahah exatly for not lose face...my ex boss when he spoke english anybody was able to understand him,infact we spoken with him on wechat :) for example when he said 'restaurant' normal people says: re_stau_rant even scots,irish,redneck you can understand but he said 'leustat' or the numbers for example '33' thirty_three he said 'de_didi' aahhahah my english is bad but they are incredibles :)) for example my new boss is chineese but she lived in australia for 10 years, i don't have any problem to understand her
  9. in china love doesn't exist,exist the love for money :)
  10. tomorrow i hope that juventus lost vs bayern :)))
  11. hello, i advice you a SharesBar in binjiang, it's like a pub,live music,good food,good beer
  12. welcome on board!!
  13. ahahha it's more easy play on line on pokerstars like me :)
  14. one day in restaurant i asked to chineese chef:do yo have a parsley? him:parsley? me:yes parsley. him:what's parsley? me: parsley it's a haromatic grass like basil, do you know? him:no, we don't have it, later i'm searching in the fridge,and i found the parsley. me:look this is parsley! him: ah parsley! what a fuck!!!!!!!!!
  15. @ding2go China wants to spread to the world and i mean it needs speaks english.for example i'm italian from Sardinia (is the second bigger island in the mediterean sea) we have our language but we speak italian and english too,because many tourist came to visit us for his holidays. i speak in order sardinian,italian,spanish and english.