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  1. Looking for a partner who speaks spainish

    are you still looking for some help with the spanish translation??

    Hi, I am selling a brand new pillow for 25rmb, the size is 20 x 48 x 74cm. I ordered one but the parcel came with 2 pillows instead, so I don't need the second one. PM if you are interested. Have a good day.
  3. mountain bike SOLD

    the bike has been sold.
  4. mountain bike SOLD

    hey, X-mas is coming and the weather is good, the bike is available for 260 (negotiable)
  5. mountain bike SOLD

    The E-bike is already sold. The bicycle is still available. The brakes, mudcovers and back wheel are new. 300rmb negotiable
  6. mountain bike SOLD

    Hi, I just added some pics.
  7. Second hand bicycle. SOLD

    yes it is still available
  8. Second hand bicycle. SOLD

  9. Swimming pool questions

    Hey wr200m, In my experience the pools in HZ vary greatly. The pool i go to in Binjiang is 38 for the entrance fee. it includes a locker with a lock. you can swim with your swimming trunks but you need a swimming cap. However there is a pool I also use in Hangzhou that costs 100 RMB but includes a gym and sauna. At that pool you donĀ“t need a swim cap. Obviously weekends are more crowded and evenings as well. I suggest you try out some pools near you and see how you like them. Also apartments with pools will generally let you use the pool for a daily fee. They are less strict about swimcaps and swimwear. Have fun!
  10. If you are looking to improve your swimming technique or just learn how to swim then now is the time. A European swimming instructor based in Hangzhou now offers swimming classes in several locations around the city. He has over 10 years of experience teaching swimming to children and adults and is CPR certified. Fun, safe, and a great way to start the summer! Available for one on one classes and group lessons. PM for details
  11. position filled- language buddy

    The position has been filled. Thanks to all who applied.