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  1. nancyGYJ

    In Hangzhou to study, looking for an apartment

    HI i sent you an email, my friend is looking for a housemate,her housemate is moving to beijing for working.
  2. nancyGYJ

    New to Hangzhou from San Francisco

    Hi I’m a professional Chinese teacher of Zhejiang university . If u r interested in learning Chinese , feel free to contact me:) yasmine
  3. xin nian kuai le !
  4. long time no come.xin nian kuai le !
  5. nancyGYJ

    New to forum, not new to HZ

    Hi welcome to hangzhou. I'm a Chinese teacher of zhejiang university. If you are interested in learning Chinese,feel free to contact me:)
  6. nancyGYJ

    New comer

    Hi Yoshi welcome to hangzhou :)
  7. nancyGYJ

    Arriving in Hangzhou in October

    Hi welcome to hangzhou! I'm a professional Chinese teacher of zhejiang university. I also provide private lessons. If you need learning Chinese in an efficient way,feel free to contact me:)
  8. nancyGYJ

    Chinese Tutor

    I'm very thankful for many people contact me:) I will do my best to help you improve ur Chinese
  9. Yes I'm in hangzhou now. I sent you message already:)
  10. Hi guys new term starts, lets learn Chinese again!
  11. Hi everyone if anyone wants to learn Chinese in an efficient way , feel free to contact me. Xiexie!
  12. summer holiday is coming, but if you want to improve your Chinese feel free to contact me.
  13. Hi YC. sorry for reply late. i sent you email already.:)
  14. Hi dolcestra, i cannot send you email . Can you send me a message please? cheers, Yasmine
  15. Hi I working in zhejiang university as a Chinese teacher, Im happy to help take care your baby.:)