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  1. Picky

    How to make an authenic British breakfast

    Oral English, you are an inexcusable mug. Bet it hurts having our flag taking pride of place on your crappy Pitcairn piece of shit? Eh? 4 shitty little islands in the Pacific. A population not even in 3 figures. What a joke. What constitutes breakfast in your homeland? You probably don't even have a canning factory that could tin food anyway, ya fucking melt.
  2. Picky

    New to Hangzhou. Xiasha.

    Hello Steven. Anyone else in Xiasha fancy meeting up?
  3. Picky

    so where are the bars at?

    Hi Sune, Which district of Hangzhou are you living in? Rich
  4. Currently I have 6 packs of 900 gram Aptamil baby formula for sale that I bought myself and took in my luggage to China. All the packs are suitable for infants from birth to 12 months old. All packs are foil-sealed and in good order. I have the original purchase receipts from England. I am selling due to my friend moving back to the U.K unexpectedly, so he has no need for them. The local shops are selling Dutch Aptamil for 230rmb per pack. I'm looking for 180rmb per pack. E-mail me if you want to negotiate. Thanks for looking.
  5. Picky

    New to Hangzhou. Xiasha.

    Thanks GermanExplorer, I live pretty close to Mojitos. Thursday sounds good. Everyone welcome, I'm dying to.meet.my.fellow.expats! Rich
  6. Picky

    Chuck in China

    I'm from Sussex Chuck. Living in Xiasha. Fancy a beer or 3 sometime?
  7. Hello everyone. My name's Richard and I'm new to HangZhou. I have only been here for one week and it'd be nice to meet some new foreign friends. My Mandarin is not great and I need to study some more. I have lived in China twice before and it'd be good to learn about some good places in the city and meet new people. Thanks Rich