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  1. Ling1983

    Cornell Alumni meet-up

    Any Cornellian here?! How about a happy hour meet-up somewhere downtown?
  2. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    hi~ I will be very glad to meet up with someone who are also from DC when I get back to HZ! Please let me know if there is anything I can help you~ BTW, I read your post which mentioned the air quality in HZ. as far as I know, it can be really bad. In DC, I followed the index of PM 2.5 on a monthly basis, and the figure is around 40. In HZ, it is frequently above 100 something during the winter. So maybe you should consider bringing some 3 M PM2.5 masks with you.
  3. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    Thank you! I once coached the first softball team among Chinese expats in DC. Now I will try to put together a new team in HZ:)
  4. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

  5. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    Dear All, my name is Ling:) I was Born and raised up in HZ. About 14 years ago, I left HZ for college and have been away since then. After living in USA for about 7 years, I am moving back to HZ in Aug. I would like to make some new friends here, especially someone who are interested in soccer or slow-pitch softball :) In addition, I am licensed to practice law in China and the state of New York. Though my practice is focused on business transaction, I will be happy to do some pro bono work for those who are in need. [please send me private message for my contact information] Thank you! P.S. Is there any fan of Washington DC Nationals ? Lol