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  1. Nitachica

    Women's football (soccer)

    Hi Dear, Have you involved with any football team yet? I'd love to join..
  2. Nitachica

    Someone living in linping?

    I'm also looking for the same thing, any active wechat group for expats in linping?
  3. Hi Dear; Well received, and I replied you! :)
  4. Dear Hangzhou Expats, If you're interested by learning Arabic Language, and you have the passion of the arabic culture, now you can learn it in Hangzhou! I am a native female arabic speaker, a professional Online and Offline Arabic teacher for non Arabic speakers with a great experience in Modern standard Arabic, Media Arabic, Grammar, and more! I master teaching one-on-one classes, small groups, and large groups. I teach all levels starting from absolute beginners to advanced using different materials that can help the student a long the way, focusing on all aspects of Arabic language conversation, listening, grammar, reading and writing. I worked on number of courses, based on student's interest and level. Whether the student is a beginner looking for a strong management in Arabic, or a more advanced student seeking further training in specific areas. PM if you're interested, so we can arrange a suitable time for classes!