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  1. Someone living in linping?

    I'm also looking for the same thing, any active wechat group for expats in linping?
  2. Hi Dear; Well received, and I replied you! :)
  3. Dear Hangzhou Expats, If you're interested by learning Arabic Language, and you have the passion of the arabic culture, now you can learn it in Hangzhou! I am a native female arabic speaker, a professional Online and Offline Arabic teacher for non Arabic speakers with a great experience in Modern standard Arabic, Media Arabic, Grammar, and more! I master teaching one-on-one classes, small groups, and large groups. I teach all levels starting from absolute beginners to advanced using different materials that can help the student a long the way, focusing on all aspects of Arabic language conversation, listening, grammar, reading and writing. I worked on number of courses, based on student's interest and level. Whether the student is a beginner looking for a strong management in Arabic, or a more advanced student seeking further training in specific areas. PM if you're interested, so we can arrange a suitable time for classes!