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  1. Hi, I am interested, Australian Teacher based in Xihu district, please get in touch.
  2. Hi, I would like to send a large cardbox box with the dimensions of 136x75x23 cm, containing one mountain bicycle with a net weight of less than 18kgs to Thailand. Appreciate any advice or suggestions and willing to pay for your time and trouble, as my Chinese language skills is almost non-existent. Please get in touch if you think you can assist. Cheers Jasmin
  3. Hi All, Does anybody here, can recommend a good dental hospital or clinic that can perform dental implants, crown and bridges using high quality materials etc.....Any info, much appreciated as I need some dental work. Please reply directly with contact details and addresses. best regards Jasmin
  4. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    At Sans2534, you are the twat that started been judgemental in the first place and calling people you don't even know a noob. Under normal circumstances I would behave civil if someone deserves it but I notice you don't have a life and constantly trolling this forum trying to "wind up" newbies so that you can accumulate more brownie points in order to sustain your pathetic ego - best we don't meet and I couldn't care less what the fXXX you think. :)
  5. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    Wtf is wrong with you people, if you can't handle the truth fxxxx off :)
  6. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    Hi unclemax, I live near Gudang Residential district near Gudun road, sorry I am a bit vague with my location as it is only my third day in HZ :)
  7. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    At fionawarner, I am a male and you can keep you "sarky" comments to yourself, if you haven't anything good to say best to keep you mouth shut :) , or you just stereotyping the typical loud mouth know it all murican. So, i will pay more attention to the post dates in future.
  8. Jazo_in_China

    2 very fast 1 year old VESPA Scooter E-Bike for sale

    Hi Kristella, Interested in the Black bike, please PM me personally so we can make a time and date for inspection and transfer. I am in the Xiihu distrcit near the start of Xixi road - Jasmin.
  9. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    Hi Shanewall, Good stuff mate, love my sports....Get in touch when you arrive.
  10. Jazo_in_China

    New to Hangzhou

    Hi, New foreign addition to the Hangzhou community - Jasmin from Australia, looking to meet up with cool, chill and stimulating English speakers. Living in the Xihu district near West Lake. I am into fun things mostly such as: listening to most genre of music except country, tennis, golf, hiking, chess to name a few interest. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. Jazo_in_China

    sell speakers, blankets, iron, fan, etc.

    I am interested in the speaker, still got it?
  12. Jazo_in_China

    Sofa lounge - L shape Leather

    Hi Deano, Can you post some pictures to facilatete the sale of the sofa.
  13. Jazo_in_China

    Selling ebike

    Is it still available, I will be in Hangzhou from the 7th of September. best regards Jasmin
  14. Jazo_in_China

    Sale E-Bike

    Can u please post some pictures to facilate the sale of your ebike. Thank you
  15. Jazo_in_China

    500 rmb 42” LG LED Ultra High definition

    Hi, Please contact me as I am interested in pruchasing it if it is in good condition - assuming if you still got it. WIll be in Hangzhou city from the 7th of September, please provide your address and I will get my driver to come and pick it up.