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  1. canuck_in_hz

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    A restaurant gas cooker/or gas vein exploded in Hangzhou last week. Killed 2, injured dozens. So yea. Hottest summer in recent memory.
  2. canuck_in_hz

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    It's Hangzhou Third Hospital, not some expat hospital like Sir Run Run Shaw. It's not strange at all that doctors there don't speak English. Furthermore, it's hot as hell in Hangzhou and people are fleeing the city. Maybe any English doctors they had are on vacation or weren't available at the time? To me, it was very clear in the OPs first post that Dana is her brother. If it wasn't clear to you, well then, nothing else I or anyone says to you will make any difference.
  3. canuck_in_hz

    Please help - my brother is in Hangzhou

    Oh for goodness sakes San! What is your problem?! I was the friend that knows Dana and contacted his sister privately to say that I will check on him and give her an update. This is a real situation and there is nothing suspicious about it! Why do you keep being such a nuisance to everyone who comes on this website with legitimate questions?
  4. canuck_in_hz

    Mystery Shoppers Wanted!

    Hi, The mystery shopping company I work for, Helion Research, is looking for new shoppers in Hangzhou for a big project coming up. You get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, and sometimes even stay in hotels. You don't get paid a lot, but it's a fun and cool part-time job. I've done jobs with this company in Guiyang, Wenzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Read the ad below and if you're interested apply through the link. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------- As a Helion Evaluator you will evaluate all sorts of services including, shops, restaurants, car showrooms, the list goes on. You will be set a scenario to follow for each evaluation and then you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire. You will only select the jobs you can complete in your area and that you have time to perform. You will be paid for each evaluation you complete at the fixed fee that you accept before you do it. Each shop will pay anywhere between €10 to €30 per evaluation with each evaluation taking around 1 to 1 and half hours to complete. You will be paid monthly for the shops you complete by either Moneybookers or Paypal. If you are asked to make a purchase by Helion, this will be reimbursed at the cost agreed before and you get to keep the product. - Mystery Shopping is not a full time employment but a great way to earn some extra income. - You do not need to have experience to become a Helion Evaluator. - You will need to have good communication and social skills in the local language (Mandarin Chinese) to be a Helion evaluator because you will need to interact with staff members for each of your evaluations. It is also very important to have some written skills in English to complete the report. To apply or get more information please go to the address below: https://evaluator.helionresearch.com/r/s1104998
  5. canuck_in_hz

    wanna tips on dating with western guy

    Hi Chen, For westerners, being loyal, or monogamous, IS a very serious step. We have this concept of fun, casual relationships where it's ok to sleep with many different people. So then how does a relationship turn serious? Well, you will just know when you meet the right person. You will not want to sleep with anyone else. Your German friend maybe did like you a lot. But he knew he was leaving China after awhile and he didn't want your relationship to get any deeper. So he kept things casual, sleeping with other girls etc. so that it wouldn't hurt so much when he left.
  6. canuck_in_hz

    Any decent/EU-style bakeries in Hangzhou?

    The French bakery that was looking for an assistant earlier is called La Semencerie. You can order bread from them and they deliver to your door. There's usually a minimum order like 10 bagettes, or 6 country loaves, but we just freeze the bread and it defrosts really well. Order through their wechat
  7. canuck_in_hz

    Hi! I'm in Tongxiang/Jiaxing!

    Hi and welcome! There's been a couple of posts about Canadians living in Tongxiang, what are you guys doing out there? And what the heck is psychonautics? I must be getting old and out of touch ;)
  8. canuck_in_hz

    Current best pizza in HZ

    Stefano's pizza at Mislead bar. Wouldn't quite say it's family friendly though cuz it's also a bar with lots of smoking and drinking. Only opens after 6pm until late.
  9. canuck_in_hz

    New iPhone SE for sale

    Phone has been sold!
  10. canuck_in_hz

    New iPhone SE for sale

    Sorry, I put this post in the wrong section, mods can you please move my post to the bazaar section. Thanks!
  11. canuck_in_hz

    New iPhone SE for sale

    New rose gold iPhone SE 16 GB for sale, bought from Hong Kong 3 days ago. Everything in the box included as you can see in the pics. It's new, unused, not even activated yet. I bought it for a friend, but when I got back she said her boyfriend bought her one already. Asking 2700RMB, it sells for around 3000RMB here in China. Serious buyers can PM me, thanks!
  12. canuck_in_hz

    Investigative food critics needed in Asia ASAP

    Why? what did he do wrong?
  13. canuck_in_hz

    Uber and Alipay for foreigners?

    I just got Uber to accept my Alipay. I think either Uber or Alipay made some changes to their system recently and it works now. You can give it a try again.