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  1. You would have to ask the boss ladies in charge of the event... I know after the event there will be DJ Tamlan. Checkity check out the image. Cheers, Warren
  2. Hello, I'm looking for someone or a service that would be willing to come to my apartment when my girlfriend and I are traveling to take care of the most adorable rabbit in the world - Penny. All you'd have to do is let him run around a bit, and give him food+water. If we're gone more than a week you'd have to take his litter box out, which is just like a cat's. He's litter trained! He's super easy to take care of. The only time we'd both be gone more than a week is around Christmas and NYE 2017. If this is something you'd be interested in please send me a PM. Cheers everyone! - Warren
  3. A local Hangzhou production team of awesome performers is putting together another great Cabaret night Saturday, October 28th at Carbon on BeiShan Lu. (The Carbon that was literally once on fire). Attached are some pictures of past productions. See the poster for a QR code to buy 100rmb tickets, or PM me. 北山路10号 (10 BeiShan Road) Doors open at 8:00pm, and show starts at 9:00pm Cheers! - Warren
  4. cowarren

    MacBook Air 13.3" - Early 2014 & 16gb Gold 5s

    Still available?
  5. cowarren


    Just a friendly reminder that there is a +200rmb per month per roommate fee on top of 1900 for "security guards". (I'm one of the roommates).
  6. cowarren

    Meidu plaza apartment for leasing

    What's the address? Do you have pictures of the kitchen?
  7. cowarren


    Hey Everyone, If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. I currently live in the room. Wendy forgot to mention the +150rmb per month per roommate fee for security (7000rmb for the year). And, if you don't pay this expensive security guard fee for the ENTIRE year's bill 5 months early, they shut off your water without warning for 5 days. Which was a nightmare. Also, Wendy conveniently forgot to mentions that utilities aren't included. The last two months were 605rmb. PM me for more info, I can let you know everything you need to know.
  8. cowarren

    Coffee Maker- 400, OBO

    Message me if you still have. Thanks!
  9. cowarren

    Charging your ebike

    I'm also interested in a map of all the charging ports (slow or fast) around HZ. Especially down in the city center near the lake.
  10. cowarren

    Pet Boarding in HZ?

    I'm also looking for someone to either come to my apartment and give a small adorable rabbit food+water daily, or a happy little home for him to hang out in over Spring Festival 2017. He's friendly, and we let him run around our apartment most of the day. He does chew up all the cardboard he finds, and anything resembling an iPhone cord. Ideally the person would already own a rabbit or two (he's fixed, so he can get along with any rabbit). Penny, myself, and 3 other roommates live near WenSan and XueYuan. If anyone knows of a place or person that is interested please message me.
  11. Have you found a place? Wechat me if not