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  1. drown

    Expat food

    I believe there is one in the new Ocean Mall on the Grand Canal, and another one close to there in another mall.
  2. drown

    New to China and Hangzhou.

    Hangzhou is lovely in the fall, spring and winter. Much like the US Mid-Atlantic. It's a miserable, disgusting, armpit of a city from June-September. Make plans now to leave at the end of the school year over the summer. You'll thank me later. As far as Chinese cities go it's fine. Close enough to a real city like Shanghai but with enough going on here to keep busy. Best thing is the easily accessible hiking nearby during the cool season. Having said that it suffers from the same problems of other cities here. Terrible pedestrian safety, crowds, air pollution, unsafe food and water and rising cost of living with stagnant quality of life. I'm glad to be leaving in a few weeks. Good luck.
  3. drown

    Expat food

    What qualifies as expat food to you? Most big chain grocery stores now have an imported food section. What you find there varies vastly on the chain, the neighborhood etc... Some chains are almost entirely imported food ( Bravo, Ole, Metro). Some require a membership. If you tell us what you are looking for specifically and what neighborhood you are in we might be able to provide better advice.
  4. drown

    2014 Gibson USA SGJ Guitar

    Accoustic guitar sold.
  5. drown

    Internet Censorship Crazy in China...

    If you can't figure out how to internet in China then you don't belong on the internet. It's an intelligence test at this point, and it's getting harder everyday. 17 days left to go.....
  6. I have a Gibson SG to sell. Brought this from the US in 2017 which I can document. Genuine Gibson, made in the USA, mahogany body guitar. Classic SG shape. 2014 SGJ Anniversary model, which I have never seen in China anywhere. Satin Chocolate finish, strong, fast, but thick maple neck, rare 61 pickups, with a nice bite. 3500 RMB. A very nice guitar. Not an epiphone, not a fake, but a real Mahogany Gibson. You will be able to tell the difference guaranteed. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2014/SGJ.aspx
  7. drown

    EBIKE to sell

    Ebike. With large battery, new charger, raingear, lock, 3 helmets, gloves. Brand new front tire. A couple cosmetic issues but a great bike. Up to 60 km/hr. Range of 60 km in economy mode ( 45 km/hr). Very fun to ride. I'll miss this. I've owned this bike since July 2016. Ride it a couple times a month. Very light use. Been stored in parking garage. 1600 RMB
  8. drown

    Like New Vox AC10C1 Guitar Amp

  9. I guess the un-ironic use of the term has lost all meaning but the reality is that real people fighting for real social justice here in the middle kingdom end up just as Saint described: Kidnapped, sometimes from outside China, tortured, jailed, medicated/poisoned, coerced into fake confessions, blackmailed, paraded into and judged by kangaroo courts and yes often disappeared. So as much as I share your frustration with people who go overboard on their beliefs in the West, the reality in China is that "those People" happen to be the people in charge here which I know you are well aware of. I don't find any of what they are doing to be something worth cheering or celebrating. We are witnessing China rolling back to Cultural Revolution practices and policies but empowered by modern day surveillance, monitoring and control tools. Its terrifying frankly. You are lucky to be out, enjoy your freedom. Sorry for the rant everyone. This place is getting to me. Luckily the end is in sight.
  10. Seriously? These people are fuckin martyrs. https://www.hongkongfp.com/2017/09/28/chinese-court-upholds-4-year-jail-term-press-freedom-prize-winner-lu-yuyu/
  11. drown

    Small Differences

    Well on this topic, many buildings have no 13th floor, nor any ending in 4 since it's unlucky. So. 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15...etc. So pay attention, sometimes you think you will be higher up then you actually end up. Lower floors tend to be more humid, more bugs and more traffic/street sounds. Those 3 floors you lose before 15 can make a big difference. Also I've heard that quality can vary also on those unlucky floors and the apartments on those floors were reserved as compensation floors for displaced former area residents or the like so not always best quality. Not that quality is ever that great but... When apartment hunting it pays to look at many many units with as many realtors/agents as possible. And when you find something you like, don't wait. Chances are others will find it desirable also and it will dissapear before you get a chance to decide.
  12. drown


    One mattress pad still available 180 x 200 x 10cm 350RMB