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  1. I guess the un-ironic use of the term has lost all meaning but the reality is that real people fighting for real social justice here in the middle kingdom end up just as Saint described: Kidnapped, sometimes from outside China, tortured, jailed, medicated/poisoned, coerced into fake confessions, blackmailed, paraded into and judged by kangaroo courts and yes often disappeared. So as much as I share your frustration with people who go overboard on their beliefs in the West, the reality in China is that "those People" happen to be the people in charge here which I know you are well aware of. I don't find any of what they are doing to be something worth cheering or celebrating. We are witnessing China rolling back to Cultural Revolution practices and policies but empowered by modern day surveillance, monitoring and control tools. Its terrifying frankly. You are lucky to be out, enjoy your freedom. Sorry for the rant everyone. This place is getting to me. Luckily the end is in sight.
  2. Seriously? These people are fuckin martyrs. https://www.hongkongfp.com/2017/09/28/chinese-court-upholds-4-year-jail-term-press-freedom-prize-winner-lu-yuyu/
  3. Small Differences

    Well on this topic, many buildings have no 13th floor, nor any ending in 4 since it's unlucky. So. 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15...etc. So pay attention, sometimes you think you will be higher up then you actually end up. Lower floors tend to be more humid, more bugs and more traffic/street sounds. Those 3 floors you lose before 15 can make a big difference. Also I've heard that quality can vary also on those unlucky floors and the apartments on those floors were reserved as compensation floors for displaced former area residents or the like so not always best quality. Not that quality is ever that great but... When apartment hunting it pays to look at many many units with as many realtors/agents as possible. And when you find something you like, don't wait. Chances are others will find it desirable also and it will dissapear before you get a chance to decide.
  4. Mattress

    One mattress pad still available 180 x 200 x 10cm 350RMB
  5. Bike for sale

  6. Mattress

    Salut Francois. J'tenvois un MP
  7. Vox AC10 All tube amplifier. Purchased in March in Shanghai from a reputable shop. Chinese voltage model, so no need for a transformer. Replaced all original Chinese tubes in May with quality Russian tubes purchased in the US and Japan. Original + spare tubes included. Speaker is barely broken in so this amp can best be described as "Like New" Hasn't been played since I moved to a new apartment in June. Neighbors complained and now I'm playing through my headphones on my Yamaha. Sells on TMALL for 3600 RMB I'm listing for RMB 3500 with over $US 100 of tubes. I went through a lot of effort to get this amp to HZ so you wont' have too. Classic Brit tones in a small package. Easily loud enough to gig and practice with. Takes pedals super well. Nice reverb. I'll replace with same Amp but US voltage model once I get back stateside. Can send more pics or let interested buyer annoy my neighbors at your convenience http://www.voxamps.com/ac10c1 https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.6.4c6378100OE9mV&id=541918806074&skuId=3255272853497&user_id=726514207&cat_id=2&is_b=1&rn=d8f43ed3a9c7c2125ccbf0d1f5e21dcf
  8. Bike for sale

    PM Sent Janna.
  9. Proper Protein Powder

    We order both salmon and chicken online from reputable ( Yeah I know) vendors for safer protein. I was vegetarian for over 10 years and vegan on/off during that time. I'll never go back. Ali is getting into direct to customer grocery and will supposedly have a fairly solid supply chain. They'll be in HZ soon. That will likely be a good option for safer meats and veggies.
  10. Still For sale. Price at RMB 1000
  11. When I first moved here I lived in Jinggan in Shanghai and I got to actually like it. Not love it but it was tolerable. Big difference from HZ and much more tolerable. But that's just my opinion. What made it better: real grocery stores, bakeries with real bread, better bars, live music, better food. Yeah people were dressed better, but they also behaved marginally better. I did see my first child peeing outside a high end mall in that neighborhood so...there's that.
  12. Bike for sale

    Bike for sale: - Very light, getting high speed really fast. 7 speed. Stylish and fashionable :) - Changed back tire for a proper slick "michelin", faster and more reliable. Also tightened all fasteners, regulated gear change, oiled chain and transmission. A bit sad to sell it, hope it'll find the good owner, who'll understand the quality. Price is 500 RMB
  13. Mattress

    Sorry. Microwave and oven gone. One mattress left. Non counterfeit imported liquor or beer accepted for payment. We need some tequila or good wine.
  14. The longer you live here and the more stories you hear and learn about the more you know that being bled dry is a common practice here. Happens to Chinese too. It's not limited to Foreigners. I think foreigners are likely more easily taken advantage of because of language and bias in system against them but happens to Chinese too. There is literally no one you can trust. My friends' inlaws for example have been trying to scam him and his wife for the last 8 months in a situation sharing some similarities with yours and have done this to other family members in the past. Your friend can either leave ASAP or get a better connected lawyer than they have. He will pay money either to supposed victim or to lawyer/bribes either way. I would walk away if I was your colleague and chalk this up to bad luck and just a shitty society devoid of a moral compass.
  15. What do you love about teaching here that made you hate it back in the US? Paren't involvements? kids? discipline? larger or smaller classrooms? Better hours? Better pay? Just curious about the differences and your thoughts on what make it better? BTW how long have you been here? Where do you teach? What grades? Have you worked at more than one school here, just in HZ or other Chinese cities? Welcome to our little confession corner