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  1. I see motorcycles on the streets of HZ all the time, including some very nice, high end Italian, German and American motorcycles. So laws are not enforced, like everything else here. I suggest you get a high end ebike for around town first while you do more research. Get a feel for it and decide if you really want to ride here.
  2. Bump
  3. I think this person is just a real estate agent trolling. They contacted me about my oven also but really just wanted to ask questions about where I live, if my apartment will be vacant soon, how much my rent is etc...Was not interested in purchasing my oven at all. Just a sketchy realtor no better than an ambulance chaser. Please ignore them.
  4. that's a lot of hammers
  5. Still available
  6. BUMP
  7. Good luck with that. Local brewmasters' idea of a Weizenbier is deeply flawed IMO.
  8. Two, 180cm memory foam mattress toppers, 10cm thick. Less than a year old. Perfect to make a Chinese mattress usable. 350 RMB each. Paid over 900 each. Midea MG38CB-AA 38L 1800 Watt counter top oven. 200 RMB Microwave + light wave : Galantz G70F30CN1L 300RMB Located off Daguan Rd, near Grand Canal and Auchamp in Gongshu District
  9. They just started importing US beef again into China this past week. It will likely be a little while until you can but it in a shop. But probably TaoBao or the likes will have it sooner.
  10. Hi. I have a 6 year old. It's hard. We came from the US. Quality of life here is very low compared to a US middle class neighborhood. Air, water, soils as were mentioned are poor. Compared to other Chinese cities HZ is relatively better. But compared to any US city its far worst. Think LA or SLC in winter at their worse, this is an average day here. Then there is public safety. Roads are treacherous, my child is scared to cross the road here because she has been nearly hit so many times. There are exceptions but in general people are inconsiderate, selfish and downright clueless. Its everyone for themselves all the time. Your kids' Asthma will likely get worse. Accept that as a fact. Summer is very hot and very humid. Winter is fairly mild compared to northern US, comparable to mid-Atlantic. Few nights below freezing. But also very humid. Rainy season is hell. People hangout indoors a lot. Malls are very popular. We do a lot of hiking in the winter. HZ has a great network of trails all over the hills and its nice in the winter. Visiting tea growing areas, an excellent botanical garden, lots of flowering trees throughout the cooler months into spring. We worry about air quality, but we still have to go out. We love hiking, its our thing and we would go insane without our weekly long walks. But yeah, it sucks. I cleaned out some computers in my office this week and was terrified by the gunk that had accumulated in the fans filters. There are cheap flights to Japan, lately, we go alot. Skiing, hiking, fishing, visiting friends. Its close and an easy escape. The country side in western China can also be beautiful, but travel more restricted and logistically complicated. If you have a Chinese employer you will take vacation at the same time as everyone else making travel miserable and crowded so it makes it hard to enjoy anything good that China has to offer. We dearly miss our life back stateside and we look forward to returning once the political climate improves. In the meantime we will be spending our summer outside of Hangzhou so my daughter can enjoy some healthy air ( Japan and Canada this summer). In conclusion, if I had to do it again I would not bring my child here.
  11. Last night walking home I cut through one of the ZU campus and came across a huge gym filled with people of all ages playing badminton. It looked like awesome fun. Reminded me how much I loved playing this sport when I was young. Any ideas of a place one can go to play recreationally and meet other players to play against that is foreigner and family friendly and welcoming of all levels of players?
  12. NC - See my other listing with pics and prices
  13. Sorry if I was unclear. Bass: Brand, year, types of pickup, country of manufacture??? Amp: Brand, wattage?? Thanks
  14. details on Amp and bass
  15. cynical, pessimistic, realistic, jaded...YES Mean...not so much, we just happen to see the same pattern repeat itself over and over again. Chinese women who are not interested in foreigners until they turn 30 and realize they are no longer that desirable by Chinese standards. Or the professional dating girls who like to be wined and dined by foreigners. There's all sorts of "types" that pop up. We try to educate the naive.