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  1. hsuan.yang

    hi there!

    There's an abundancy of green and mountain tracks covering the west of West Lake (Xihu 西湖). :)
  2. hsuan.yang

    Mystery Shoppers Wanted!

    Sounds like fun.
  3. hsuan.yang

    Girl Speaks Fine English

    What about the good and outgoing male folks around here?
  4. Well, I've only been living in China for about a year or so.. But from my experience here, the usual 'apartment complexes' goes for mostly everywhere in China, right? You get over-renovated apartments for extravagant prices that are supposed to look 'Western', and then you head to the bathroom to find the illogical design where they decided to put the porcelain throne right in front of the bathroom sink. So, you'd have to bend over or try to lean against something or figure out some un-ergonomic posture to try and brush your teeth and stuff. Or there's something wrong with the kitchen, or the huge closet in your bedroom might be blocking the door, etc. etc. etc. There are so many other examples which you and everyone else probably already know. :) Some companies try to make an effort when housing foreign nationals by getting them an all-round decent (Chinese standards) place to stay.. Fingers crossed!
  5. Hi Rie! In case your level of Chinese is reasonably decent, which means you have no problems doing 中日 or 日中 translations, you could try setting up a profile on the following job market platforms: - 51job.com -智联招聘 -Boss直聘 G'luck!
  6. hsuan.yang

    wanna tips on dating with western guy

    Sainthood, you sound like a shrink. :D
  7. hsuan.yang

    Hi all

  8. hsuan.yang

    Colombo-Spanish in Hangzhou

    There are a few methods to approach this subject: 1. Use your local "Guanxi" (= connections), in case you have any, to find out where there are apartments for rent. E.g. your colleagues, friends, this forum, etc. 2. A more time-consuming way, but according to my local Chinese friends the best way to find the most suitable price vs quality apartment is by going to each and every apartment block, housing community, houses, in the area of your choice. For example: there's a nice looking apartment building right across the road from where you work. Either head inside and find out on their notice board to see who's renting what, or ask the grumpy/friendly concierge about any apartments for rent in the building. Sometimes the doorkeeper will show you the apartment straight away, or you might get the phone number of the landlord for you to contact yourself. Either way, you'll have more chances in finding a suitable apartment for a reasonable price by doing this, because it's usually easier to bargain with the landlord directly instead of dealing with a housing agency, en plus, there are additional costs for renting a place via an agency. 3. For the affluent & wealthy & lazy people (lazy = me), there's always the easier choice by heading to the nearest housing agency and telling them your budget/price range and type of place you're looking for. If you're lucky, the agent assigned to assist you will be witty enough to understand your preferences and living requirements and most importantly your budget. And as always, beware of how the agent will try time and again to outsmart you; show you some crappy places that are way too expensive, and the usual BS that come with it. Pro's & con's - You'll probably settle down a lot faster through an agency. Downside is that they will charge you some additional agency fees and they're not always that reliable AND at the end of the day you'll probably be so worn out that you'll just decide on one of the places the agent showed you on that same day. PS *I strongly recommend having a "reliable, trusting, local Chinese, charismatic" friend/person to accompany you in any cases mentioned above. *Additional fees of living here might include internet, tv, gas, electricity, water, etc. AND 物业费 Wuye fei - which is some sort of maintenance fee. This 'maintenance fee' depends on how big a place you're about to rent and the costs differ from building to building. I'm paying around RMB 200/month for 60 sqm. Once again, I strongly recommend you mention this "fee/cost" while you're bargaining with either the landlord or the agent. In case you do NOT mention it, the agent probably won't mention it either, because this "fee" will not be included to the monthly rent you're paying. It's a stupid additional fee that they charge you UNLESS you bargain with them and demand the landlord or agency to pay it for you; by stating it clearly in the contract. G'luck! :)
  9. hsuan.yang

    <language> Corners

    I'd like to set up a Flemish or Dutch corner..
  10. hsuan.yang

    Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

    师傅 Sainthood.
  11. hsuan.yang

    bilingual school

    Which are area in Hangzhou are you opting for?
  12. I don't get visitors either. Same problem.. :(
  13. I live in a 60 sqm studio apartment for 3600. You make me feel bad.
  14. hsuan.yang

    What a noob!

    Ik vind het toch altijd fijn om eens een gesprek te houden in het Vlaams/Afrikaans.
  15. hsuan.yang

    What a noob!

    You funny. Welcome!