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  1. I don't get visitors either. Same problem.. :(
  2. I live in a 60 sqm studio apartment for 3600. You make me feel bad.
  3. Ik vind het toch altijd fijn om eens een gesprek te houden in het Vlaams/Afrikaans.
  4. You funny. Welcome!
  5. It's a bit far from where I work and live (= Binjiang).. :( But I'll definitely check it out when I'm in the neighborhood! :D
  6. Very tempting.
  7. I've heard from some locals that renting a room in Linping is fairly cheap. And it's pretty much located on the outskirts of Hangzhou, as mentioned in your title.
  8. Welcome!
  9. Benvenuto!
  10. Try submitting your resume on some platforms such as 51job 前程无忧 or 智联招聘. There's an English version of the 51job website btw: http://www.51job.com/default-e.php
  11. Looking forward to it!
  12. How many days/evening per week should these sessions take place?
  13. Lol. So, you're telling me I've been going through all that trouble finding goddamn hotels for nothing? Each time I plan a trip to somewhere in China, I need to call about 30+ hotels to ask and confirm if they take on foreigners (and usually it's a NO), or when I sporadically decide to stay somewhere overnight but end up visiting ALL the hotels in town without them letting me in. I thought hostels usually take all kinds of people in but I was wrong, apparently they don't.
  14. Il s'appelle JZ Club. L'entrée est gratuite mais il y a une consommation minimale. :) Voici:
  15. This isn't a dating site. Try Tinder or any Chinese equivalents if you're desperately in need of some intimate comfort. :p