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  1. Pretty cool!
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place in Hangzhou where they sell 'European' bread? Perhaps the Belgians (and maybe the Dutch), Germans or the French will know what I mean. :D
  3. Yeah, I got in touch with them and I'll try out their bread :)
  4. Well, not born, BUT raised in Antwerp! :)
  5. By consultates; do you mean "Consulates"? I'd try Shanghai - at least I know there's a Belgian Consulate over there.
  6. Spreek je of versta je nederlands?
  7. I know of some hostels near Xihu that rent out rooms or shared rooms for decent prices. But it might not be near your campus..
  8. TaoBao
  9. Hi

    Hi to you too.
  11. IMPORIUM CITY 国际进口商品城 Wanted: Solo Performer or Band with adequate experience, without stage fright and willing to perform in front of a bunch of Chinese. When: 2016 Dec. 23 - 25 - 2 or 3 days performance - 4 sets / day - 15 min. - 30 min. / set We offer: - Pick-up services / travel expenses are covered - Meals are included - Hotel: a) 5-Star Hotel - Platinum Hanjue Hotel 平湖白金汉爵大酒店 b) Hotel/resort - Yunlan Wan 嘉善云澜湾 Why: No plans yet for Christmas? In need of some quick earnings? Or just looking for a chance to perform on stage during a Christmas Market event? 4,000 - 6,000 RMB / 2 days or 6,000 - 9,000 RMB / 3 days (payment NEGOTIABLE) Where: Pinghu – IMPORIUM CITY (next to Jiaxing; in between Hangzhou and Shanghai) 平湖.国际进口商城 Pick-up service can be arranged If interested: - Please send us a/some demo(s) via YouTube, or local video media links, or by e-mail, or live-stream, Skype, etc. - Include a short CV/résumé if possible. Feel free to contact us for additional information or if you have any questions: (Hsuan) Walter Yang [please send me private message for my contact inforamtion]
  12. This event is a one time thing though. The payment is decent and you get to enjoy 2 or 3 nights in a luxurious hotel/resort. :)
  13. I'd probably stay in Taiwan just to avoid these fanatical responses by locals, like this person ↑. In comparison with Taipei, Hangzhou still has a long way to go. The public transportation network in Hangzhou is alright I guess. Busses usually get you anywhere you want. As for imported products, I'd recommend going to Shanghai for some shopping once in a while or buying things online with TaoBao. You won't be able to find stuff here in a Hangzhou supermarket like in a Carrefour in Taipei for example. Or even a 7-11. Housing areas are usually compiled with junk/fast-food restaurants (not to be compared with Taiwan food safety standards), fruit markets (beware: imported grapes from god-knows-where might cost you 3 times more than the usual local ones), random shops, liquor/tobacco stores, convenient stores (I doubt you'll even find anything you want to buy, unless it's beer or an extra set of socks or Chinese cookies that might look older than the shop itself). If you're lucky to have a larger supermarket in the neighborhood, you might be able to find more/better/suitable supplies. Supermarkets tend to get really crowdy after 5 pm. I'd definitely NOT bring a child over there during rush hours. I usually buy the usual veggies and meat in a mini-store next to where I live. There usually are big(ger) local marketplaces, where you might find cheaper (fresher?) veggies or meat or whatsoever. Beware of the smell though. These markets aren't the ones most Europeans are used to. You won't smell spices, fresh vegetables or fruit, flowers, etc. I've been to a few of these markets and they're not all as bad as my first experience where I nearly puked. Not sure if you've been to the slums in India, or some outskirt suburb in Kyrgyzstan.. The smell is/can be pretty bad. I'm Taiwanese. Been living mostly abroad and now I'm here in China! Everything isn't that bad as it seems of course, but this place sure isn't made for everyone to like.
  14. There are lots of fake ads on 58.com, wouldn't really recommend using it. What I've heard from some Chinese people that came looking for a job in Hangzhou: - they choose a district in Hangzhou where they want to find a job - before they start job-hunting, they book/share a room in a hostel for the first week or two, while looking for a definite place to stay - they go from 小区 to 小区 (communities?); the notice boards in the 小区 show rooms/apartments for rent But if money isn't an issue, you can always try a housing agency. They can be a bit more pricey but it sure saves you time in looking for a place to stay.
  15. Been using Express VPN for a couple of months now. If you're willing to pay for a surfing on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.. It's been pretty reliable compared to the other VPN's you get for free.
  16. Hi everyone, Haven't really been active on a forum since high-school.. Here's a brief intro of myself: I've been in Hangzhou since June and have been trying to assimilate with the locals. I grew up and have been living in Belgium most of my life, causing me to have a slight identity crisis because I'm Taiwanese by origin. I speak fluent English, Flemish (Dutch) and Chinese, and can understand German, speak some French and I have a language certificate for Spanish. I've traveled to (+/-) 27 countries around the world, and have accumulated lots of stories along with it. I'd love to share my travel experiences to anyone interested. :D I've worked as a sales rep. in the art industry; attending int'l art fairs mainly in Europe. I've worked as a sous-chef in a Belgian restaurant. I've been a simultaneous-translator for a company dealing with racing pigeons and studding horses. Eventually I fell in love with someone here in Hangzhou during a business trip and decided to stay. It's been a pain in the ass finding a suitable job that offers a decent salary for a 22 yr-old semi-foreigner who looks Chinese, speaks Chinese but acts and thinks like a foreigner. Abundant of work experience but lacking the age to be taken serious enough for a decent job. :( After a 4 month hustle, I've finally found a company offering me a job as executive assistant/ translator to the CEO in Binjiang District. Anyway, I'm starting to miss the multi-cultural/ international environment.. I look forward to meeting some expats in Hangzhou! :) Friends in Belgium call me Walter. Over here they call me by my Chinese name: Xuan Cheers!
  17. Hi, Is the job offer still available?