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  1. Shanewall

    Tennis Tennis Tennis

    Hi everyone...I've been here 12 months and played tennis maybe 5 times. I'm going cray cray without it I normally play 3 times a week and am really keen to find a group of people who want to play together on a regular basis, preferably weekly. I live close to Westlake Intime, there are inddor courts there. They are expensive though, 400RMB an hour. If we could get a group of 4 or more together though it wouldn't be so bad. I am only looking for experienced players though sorry...no beginners Thanks
  2. Shanewall

    Australian Police Record - Anthentication process

    Sorry no idea...I'm an aussie and didn't have to do that myself. I sent my police record to my employer here in China and they did it
  3. Shanewall


    Welcome Patriot, I'm an Aussie as well. Only been here since September myself.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been living here in Hangzhou for 4 months now and the honeymoon period has definitely ended. I'm finding it very hard to meet people apart from colleagues. I'd be interested in finding people to do regular stuff like hiking, movies, exploring Hangzhou, tennis, squash etc. I'm not into going to bars at all, those years have definitely passed me by. If you're in a similar boat and wondering where the f*** are the over 25s contact me!
  5. Shanewall

    Hangzhou Feedback ? Advice ?

    No need to be an ass Din2go. Not everybody has time to trawl through looking.
  6. Whereabouts in westlake? I can't tell from that map...I don't read Chinese
  7. Shanewall

    Sushi Train

    Thanks Jake I've actually found a couple since I posted.... love the one underneath the Zara shop near Westlake
  8. Shanewall

    playstation 4 (1800 kwai)

    What is psplus? And which games?
  9. Shanewall

    Language school teachers needed in Hangzhou

    Hi Keri I teach at Wahaha International School in Hangzhou...I know they are looking for teachers for the next school year
  10. Shanewall

    Playing Squash weekly

    Oh cool that's great you found somewhere! Are there many English speaking players there? That's over near the big stadium near Walmart I think. I've gone there on my ebike but didn't realise they had squash. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. Shanewall

    Playing Squash weekly

    Hey Zed have you arrived yet? Been playing squash? I haven't found anyone to play with yet and am so keen
  12. Shanewall

    Rent prices near West Lake?

    Yes mine is probably small, but has everything I need. The bonus is I don't pay for it. I suppose it depends on what you want from Hangzhou...I love being in the city centre, the quiet areas aren't for me. I lived in a quiet area when I first moved here and have to say I found it extremely boring compared to the city.
  13. Shanewall

    VPN Hangzhou

    I also use express vpn and its pretty consistently reliable. You don't need to download it before you get here though
  14. Shanewall

    Rent prices near West Lake?

    I can't remember the exact amount I paid my agent...I think it was something like half a months rent. Definitely not a full month though. The agent I used is fantastic, I can send you his details when you get here if you like. He also organises your internet for you if you want it.
  15. Shanewall

    Rent prices near West Lake?

    Hi West Lake is definitely a great area to live. I live a 10 minute walk from it in a building called Tongrun...I have a very cool 1 bedroom loft apartment. I pay 5500RMB a month. This is pretty average I think from what I've been told.