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  1. I am Chinese woman, young lady worked in a magazine as a assistant editor .I am 32years old,, elegant, gentle and dignified, well–educated,funny and simple person. I always admire western mature guys, their charming smile, and beautiful eyes. I am locals and grew up in here but I have been traveled a lot of places in the world .so l would like to spend some time to invite you .go for dinner,chat together or go for a walk to park. Maybe we can become friends, business partners or plan future together. You never know... give us a chance. I am interested in casual dating, meeting friends or some serious relationship, depends who I will meet. As one of my friend talk to me that Love is a soul to other soul attraction. Sometimes In some cases, status and money doesn't matter: And the most exciting appearance doesn't matter。 Sometimes to find love, is to make ourselves and the other closer to the soul, Only With her or his is a rest 。love is find your soul mates. Please write to me, we can exchange photos and know each other more first. [please send me private message for my contact information]