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  1. Gary Peng

    Free Starbucks Meetup on every Thursday

    every thursday
  2. Gary Peng

    Hangzhou Dianzi University

    I got bachelor degree there. Dorms for MA is about 2km far away from the campus and you might need a bicycle. Most of the professors are good. If you ask for help, no one will reject and they will help as well as they can. All the CS labs are beyond my expect. At least, there is less fake in academic compared with many universities with better reputation. The location is best compared with other universities in Xiasha.
  3. Gary Peng

    UFO Club

    How silly a man needs to be to consider his mother tongue that superior. Please don't judge people by your narrow mind.
  4. Gary Peng

    UFO Club

    meet up for UFO sounds cool. Please organize it.
  5. Gary Peng

    Free Starbucks Meetup on every Thursday

    No fee for the meet up, but you can choose to buy a cup of coffee for yourself
  6. Gary Peng

    Free Starbucks Meetup on every Thursday

    I met many wonderful people there. I used to talk about my robot with them all the night , and many friends gave me many useful advices.
  7. Need to get out more? Meet new people? Learn more about the Hangzhou international community by meeting them. In person... The way your grandparents used to before WeChat, Facebook, weibo or renren. What: Just a friendly social gathering to meet new people and say hi to old friends. Where: Starbucks wulin intime city on the north end of yan'an rd. 星巴克(武林银泰店) When: Every Thursday from 7pm until they kick us out. Our group already held more than 70 times Why: Expand your bubble? To relax and enjoy people for who they are. Do we need a better reason? For more message,[please send me private message for my contact information]
  8. Gary Peng

    Any good Japanese Restaurant in Binjinag?

    maybe avenue of stars?
  9. Gary Peng

    moving to Hangzhou

    Welcome to Hangzhou. Uni?Is this university? You'd better choose an apartment which is closed to your wife's university.Or Hangzhou's traffic jam may torture you.