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  1. beijingesc

    China Police Clearance Service website is online

    Hi, our IT support team is working on it. Yes, our website doesn't mentioned a fee, because each Chinese city has different fee according to the cost.
  2. The latest China PCC Service website -www.chinapoliceclearance.com- is online now, people can apply China PCC online by submit scan copy without return to China. As the branch of Beijing Expat Service Center, the www.chinapoliceclearance.com is professional, reliable and got PCC in China for many clients for the past 7 years when they started as beijingesc.com. Hangzhou is one of the cities in it's service area. So if anyone need Hangzhou Police Clearance, please check it out.
  3. beijingesc

    Police clearance certificate for PR

    Hi, I am not going to make a hard sell for getting PCC from Hangzhou China. In fact, I want to know the agency list which can help in this affair.
  4. beijingesc

    Q visa to a Z visa in Hk? Mainland?

    Hi, After July 1st 2013, there is no way to convert into residence permit without leaving China. In fact, you can do this in Hong Kong, see details here http://www.beijingesc.com/z-visa-hong-kong.html
  5. Beijing Expat Service Center specializes in helping foreigners getting China driving license and no criminal record certificate in China. We have many years experience in the field. Our services covers: 1) Work Visa Application 2) Non-criminal record certificate (police clearance certificate) issued in China 3) Official invitation letter 4) L visa extension 5) L visa to 1-month L visa 6) China driver license application, temporary driver license application 7) marriage certificate, education certificate, birth certificate notarization and accreditation