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  1. Anvith KS

    Standup comedy Scene

    Wow! It was just a post on whether there was a Standup Comedy scene in Hangzhou. Take it easy people. There are regular shows, usually conducted by the people at Kung Fu Comedy and also some comedians from Shanghai. Most commonly at Shares Bar, Binjiang (this information is 2 years old though). Cheers, Anvith.
  2. Anvith KS

    Soccer Game

    Thanks. If I can make it I will contact one of you then. Cheers.
  3. Anvith KS

    Soccer Game

    Are these games still on? Not sure if my schedule will allow it, but I would love to try and make it for these. Where do you guys usually play?
  4. Anvith KS

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Awesome! I will try to definitely make it. Would be great to meet with you! Will hit you up on wechat.
  5. Anvith KS

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    Are these meets still happening? Sounds like fun!
  6. Anvith KS

    Standup comedy Scene

    G20 really seems to have got your goat :) But I hear you. From what I have heard from friends who were here in Hangzhou earlier things have changed quite a bit.
  7. Anvith KS

    Standup comedy Scene

    Well that is good to know. Thanks for the info. I don't live that far from Shares Bar. Probably will check it out soon.
  8. Anvith KS

    Standup comedy Scene

    Sure thing brown bandit. Where did you see these adverts? Let's catch up sometime and see how to go from there.
  9. Anvith KS

    Standup comedy Scene

    Hey guys, I am here, in Hnagzhou, on a project with Huawei but back home at India I used to run a standup comedy centric blog called http://standupcentral.in I know that Shanghai has a pretty active standup comedy scene and many of the comics I know from India and other places have performed at a few clubs and comedy clubs. Is there any english language standup comedy happening around hangzhou? Any openmics or any kind of platform where people try out their comedy skills? Would be great to catch up. Cheers, Anvith.
  10. Anvith KS

    New in Town, here for a few months

    Thank you San. Yeah, I know about the restrictions hence didn't go buy one on my own. Will check out the stores at the location specified. Any more suggestions would be helpful. Regards, Anvith K.S.
  11. Hello Everyone, My name is Anvith KS and I am from India. I work with Huawei Technologies and I am here in town until October atleast (that's when my visa runs out). Found this forum online while looking up some info regarding "foreigners" in Hangzhou. I am your typical extrovert. Believe in work hard, party harder. Love the outdoors, love cycling (the weather now though!) Standup Comedy Fan and love to dance!. Being a vegetarian it's quite difficult eating out in China but would love to explore the food around. knowing to cook helps though (always game to cook up a mean Indian curry). I live at Star Avenue in a nice serviced apartment. Would be great to connect with people and do fun stuff and make some friends. Also, I dropped my phone yesterday and shattered the screen. Would appreciate any help in purchasing an unlocked android phone that will work internationally. Regards, Anvith KS