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  1. AndyHZ

    New Work Visa Regs

    Well it looks like we will be saying goodbye to a bunch of people in Hangzhou, China has decided to enforce their visa requirements. If you got a work permit on a fake degree good luck getting a new one. I had to lug my degree, frame and all, and a set of transcripts to get my new FEC. Good luck to those who will be leaving Hangzhou, May good fortune smile upon you.
  2. Good luck getting a work visa, April 1 new regulations come into effect.
  3. Driving in China is great. I find it relaxing. 3 years zero accidents, wonderful
  4. AndyHZ

    HAIDA recruiter, any opinions?

    Most public schools can't offer a work permit. The only way to work legally is to have one or a green card, and I get my green card next year.
  5. AndyHZ

    HAIDA recruiter, any opinions?

    I've worked at 2 separate schools with Haida, always had about a 40 hour work month. Zero office hours, zero BS.
  6. AndyHZ


    Seems pretty straight forward.
  7. AndyHZ

    Office hours - paid or unpaid?

    People get the contract they negotiate.
  8. AndyHZ

    Public School Work Hours

    I feel bad for you, I work 9-1130 everyday except Wednesday, I get Wednesday off.
  9. AndyHZ

    Forum Activity

    I used to be quite active on this forum, until the switch over. I was using a work email, which when I switched jobs I could not access to reset my password.
  10. I'm going to say he probably wants a female partner.
  11. AndyHZ


    I agree Comrade Dean...
  12. AndyHZ

    Chinese woman looking for husband

    Sure, you haven't.....
  13. AndyHZ

    Chinese woman looking for husband

    Translation: I am getting pressured by my parents to get married as soon as possible by my parents. I want to marry a foreigner because all the Chinese men will see me as being too old to marry. Please have lots of money or don't be an English teacher because you won't be able to afford a house and a car because that's important to me. Please be tall, and in good shape but don't judge me on my personal appearance because that's just mean. Also, don't expect sex before 6 months but you must continue to buy me things because I value myself way too much.
  14. AndyHZ

    How do you drink YOUR water?

    The bottles are 19L, give or take.