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  1. A friend of mine wants to send me some money she owed me from Sweden to here in China, can any Swede help me look for or explain the best option to do so?
  2. ZedSharif

    iPhone 6s Plus 16gb for sale

    The screen size, some times it gets too inconvenient for me. I had been using 5s for past two years and 4s before that so you can imagine that this has been a huge jump in terms of screen real estate. I will sell this to buy a normal 6s. phablets are just not for me.
  3. ZedSharif

    iPhone 6s Plus 16gb for sale

    Hahah how much you want to pay for it? i am sure we can discuss a negotiable price
  4. ZedSharif

    iPhone 6s Plus 16gb for sale

  5. ZedSharif

    iPhone 6s Plus 16gb for sale

    Used iPhone 6s Plus 16 go for sale, in very good condition. Negotiable price.
  6. ZedSharif

    Playing Squash weekly

    Hey Shane, sorry for such a late reply. So careless of me. Been getting used to the routine and studies at the university. Yes, Shane, I have played once in a court that's nearby my campus. It's in sports stadium called dragon sports stadium in English. I could only played once there and they have really nice people there to play with. Played there once because my back injury came back which I got while playing soccer back home in Pakistan. It took a while to get it healed. But now started a bit of excercise to start playing again. Do you have Wechat id? So we can use it communicate faster.
  7. ZedSharif

    Meetups, Hangouts, etc...

    If it were any other country, no problem, language is after all a big barrier. We do have to start somewhere to get some know how of Hangzhou don't we? I have found Chinese people to be a bit reserved in my past experiences, that's why the need to start off with other expats first:). Eventually it will be the Chinese.
  8. ZedSharif

    Playing Squash weekly

    Cool, looking forward to it. I'll update you when I arrive.
  9. ZedSharif

    Hangzhou Sept 2016

    Thanks for the reply dear. It takes time to adjust to a new place when you are so used to doing things before. BBQing was a major pastime when I studied in Sweden, so much so that you would find BBQ places specially built every few miles. More so near the lakes. Guess that's not gonna slide in Hangzhou. I have found some courts for squash so that much is good. and not really a rugby player :p not so popular here in Pakistan. What about trekking and/or hiking? what activities do you have in mind that are much easier or more popular for new expats to get to know people?
  10. ZedSharif

    Hangzhou Sept 2016

    Hey guys, Moving to Hangzhou in the second week of Sept to start my PhD in thermal sciences. Heard a lot about Hangzhou and anxiously waiting to start living there. Here are some things that I love to do :) and would love some company while doing it :p 1. Soccer 2. Squash 3. Swimming 4. Bicycling 5. Hiking and Trekking 6. BarBQ ing 7. Watching Season Marathons :D 8. Learning Chinese (most Important?) and so on, :)
  11. ZedSharif

    Playing Squash weekly

    Dear Hangzhou Expats, I am moving to Hangzhou this fall, 2nd week of Sept, and planning to stay 3-4 years to do my PhD. I have searched around different forums for sports and other healthy activities, particularly squash. Most of the squash posts are almost an year old now which made me assume most of the players have settled into their routine and/or found good play mates. I would really like to start playing squash as soon as I am done with initial formalities. Please share your experiences and nearest courts to Yuquan campus and how regularly do you play. Thank You :)
  12. ZedSharif

    Meetups, Hangouts, etc...

    Hey Guys, Coming this fall. Please let me know if you guys are still doing meetups.