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  1. DH242

    Club Promoter

    Anybody looking to club on any giving night add my weChat to get into all the hottest clubs in and Hangzhou.Tables and free drinks! [please send me private message for my contact information] It's never too late guys!
  2. DH242

    Native Foreign Teachers Needed!

    Hello im interested how can i get in contact with you?
  3. DH242

    new member

    Is this offer still available?
  4. DH242

    English Teachers Needed ASAP

    I'm interested. How can I contact you?
  5. DH242

    English teacher wanted

    Hello, is this still available?
  6. DH242

    Any good clubs in Hangzhou for foreigners?

    any other alternatives ways of getting to these places that may not be as pricy?
  7. DH242

    New Zheda student in Hangzhou

    Ill also be at Zhejiang university of Science and technology as a new student this year. Will be there by tuesday.
  8. I Should be in Hangzhou nxt week sometime to start Uni. Any good night clubs for foreigners? Ill be at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.
  9. DH242

    Apartment Hunting

    Thanks alot bro.
  10. DH242

    Apartment Hunting

    Well, yes teaching english I guess would be the easiest job to get, but are there any other jobs that people can get?
  11. DH242

    Apartment Hunting

    How are the dorms? And how easy is it to find work?
  12. DH242

    Apartment Hunting

    is there any way you guys can assist me in finding a place when i get there? I arrive in Hangzhou september 11th.
  13. DH242

    Apartment Hunting

    Awesome. You think maybe we can actually meet up when I get down there?
  14. Are there anymore listings for a 1 bedroom one bath