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  1. matje

    Dungeons & Dragons in Hangzhou?

    we are running 5th edition sessions regularly...
  2. Thank you, friends, for your response. I found about an Alienware shop in a shopping mall near West Lake, I am going to check this out today. Yes, these machines are a bit expensive. And what about Taobao? I have found about 5000rmb MSI laptops there, that are usually 7000+ Do you recommend buying something like this on Taobao?
  3. Hi, Anyone can tell me what is the best way to purchase MSI, ALienware or Asus K501UX in Hangzhou up to 5000rmb price? Is that possible? Thanks in Advance Aleksandar Bogdanovic
  4. Hi, I am an established artist from Europe with 5 officially released pop/art/rock albums. I am in Hangzhou atm, [please send me private message for my contact information] Aleksandar Bogdanovic
  5. Hi, I'm a teacher of modern music with 6 years experience, now working in a school in HZ. I offer private classes in the following: -Bass Guitar (beginner, intermediate, advanced, master) -Guitar (beginner, intermediate) -Harmony&Theory -Songwriting [please send me private message for my contact information]
  6. matje

    Soccer Game

    Hi, this is great! r u playing on weekends?
  7. matje

    Started to live/work in Hangzhou

    Thanx Sainthood!
  8. Hi all! I arrived in Hangzhou about 10 days ago to teach music in a primary experimental school in Binjiang district, where i currently reside with my wife and daughter. The name's Aleksandar Bogdanovic and i'm a musician (songwriter/bass player) and modern music educator. Very happy to find about internet place like this forum so i here a lil bit of English language, meet people from similar culture, ask for help, offer help if i can, and finally play some music somewhere, sometime, somehow :) I have friendly little daughter who is learning english, and would be great if there are also other parents who are in need of little friends for their children :)