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  1. same compound with apartment 1 Name: huanyutianxia(寰环宇天下) Size: 80square floor: 15th price: 5000 per month. one year contact. one month deposit. three month pay
  2. Name: huanyutianxia(寰宇天下) price: 5000 per month size:80 square. 2 bedromms floor: 15 .
  3. Name: huanyutianxia (寰宇天下) size: 90. 2 bed rooms. price: 6000/per month. one year contact. one deposit. three month pay per once.
  4. 2300 rmb per.month no.agent fee. no gas. xiaoshan. jianshe three road 建设四路
  5. Size: 40 square。 one bedroom with living room together。 price:2600 rmb/per month pay: one month deposit。 one month pay。 Apartment style hotel. Position: xiaoshan renminguangchang(萧山 人民广场)
  6. 2 bed rooms, 60 square. old building. on first floor. no agent fee. first floor. 3500/month, no agent fee. address 三里亭红梅社区(sanliting hongmei).
  7. one bed room. one small kitchen, one bathroom. price 2650. include wifi, manage fee. size 32 square. by feet distance to yuquan campus north door. one year contact. one deposit, three pay per once.
  8. community name:万家花城(wanjiahuacheng) size:80square. three bed room. one living room. at least one year contact. one deposit, three month pay per once. price: 4900.
  9. but we have some in datieguan
  10. hi too late for this one. it rented out
  11. Community: WuliTangYuan(五里唐苑) floor: 8 floor. Size: 70 square position: datieguan metro. tall building with elevator. price: 3800 rmb / per month. rent term: at least one year. 2 bed rooms one is Big, One is Small. two living rooms. one is big. one is small. renter will move next week. so it looks messy.
  12. Middle Decorate One Bed room. But clean. community Name: rui li zhong yang hua cheng(瑞丽中央花城) Price: 3600 per month. Size: 55 square. One Bedroom, one living room, middle decorated. rent term: At least one year contact. One month deposit. three payment at once.
  13. community 寰宇天下(huan yu tian xia) 2 bedrooms. 2 living rooms. price: 5500. No bargaining. position: Start avenue, Binjiang goverment. Metro 1 jiangling road stop. rent term: At least 3 months contact.