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  1. still available have send you private message
  2. location: 建设四路 construction four road。萧山 xiaoshan size: 40 square. one bedroom. one living room. one bathroom. can cook. price:2500/per month. include property fee.
  3. location: 八字桥 baziqiao. 文天公寓 wentiangongyu. one stop from xixi campus. near yellow dragon. size: 80 square. two bedrooms. one living room. floor: 4th. good sunshine. price: 6900. include property fee. landlord is kind.
  4. Location: zhejiang university yuquan campus. west lake zone Size: 100 square. three bedrooms. one living room. new furniture. Price: 7000 rmb. include property fee.
  5. interst with oven
  6. hi interest with oven. message me
  7. I give you short message yet.
  8. Price:5000 Size: 90 square. 2 bedrooms. 1 living rooms. 1 kitchen. Name : huanyutianxia. 寰宇天下
  9. same compound with apartment 1 Name: huanyutianxia(寰环宇天下) Size: 80square floor: 15th price: 5000 per month. one year contact. one month deposit. three month pay
  10. Name: huanyutianxia(寰宇天下) price: 5000 per month size:80 square. 2 bedromms floor: 15 .
  11. Name: huanyutianxia (寰宇天下) size: 90. 2 bed rooms. price: 6000/per month. one year contact. one deposit. three month pay per once.
  12. 2300 rmb per.month no.agent fee. no gas. xiaoshan. jianshe three road 建设四路
  13. Size: 40 square。 one bedroom with living room together。 price:2600 rmb/per month pay: one month deposit。 one month pay。 Apartment style hotel. Position: xiaoshan renminguangchang(萧山 人民广场)