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  1. Hi. I am looking for an English tutor for my six-year-old son Keke. I've been speaking English to Keke since he was four months old and he can understand English very well. I hope the English teacher will help train Keke's presentation and public speaking skill. If you are interested in this job or if you know some native speaker who is interested in this job, please PM me. Thank you.
  2. Hi. I am C. J. , a mom of a five year old boy. I speak English to my son since he was born and he can now speak this language pretty well. I plan to start piano lessons for both my son and myself, and hope that we can have an English-speaking tutor. We live in Xiasha, Hangzhou. We can go to the teacher's home or the teacher can come to our home for the lessons. If you are interested in giving piano lessons to a mom and a five-year-old boy, or you know someone who are interested, please PM me. Thanks.