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  1. kimchi

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    when's the next stammtisch? i'd like to come along for the first time
  2. kimchi

    <language> Corners

    Any info on the French corner? i'd be happy to attend. I'd also be interested in setting up a Spanish corner - anyone interested?
  3. kimchi

    let`s meet (Stammtisch)

    i'm going to try to come to the next one, i guess it's a monthly thing - is this a language exchange thing or just a normal meet up? :-)
  4. kimchi

    Gyms (with weights) in Binjinag

    Pegasus Gym at Star Avenue shopping complex - it's pretty cheap and has the equipment, but admittedly it's not in the best of conditions. open until 10pm daily. Intersection of Jiangnan Av and Jianghui Rd., in the same building as the dental hospital.
  5. kimchi

    Learn CAPOEIRA in Hangzhou

    hey - is there a class on tonight - april 4th? or has it been cancelled because of the holiday? :-)
  6. kimchi

    Poker in Hangzhou

    hey, did you guys organise anything in the end? If so, i'd be glad to join if there was space. i also live in binjiang
  7. kimchi

    Swing dance in Hangzhou?

    Hey Lea, do you have any more info about the classes? i've never done swing before but i did a bit of salsa dancing before and i'd like to try something new. thanks
  8. kimchi

    travel & share language skills

    are you a Mandarin teacher? :D
  9. kimchi

    travel & share language skills

    i'd be happy to do a French/Chinese language exchange, the problem is i don't have enough Chinese yet to have a conversation..i'm very much in the 'survival' stage :-)
  10. carrefour does baguettes for 5 RMB. they're about as good as i was expecting for china. :-)
  11. kimchi

    Best gym in Binjiang?

    I live near Star Avenue and am looking for a gym - can anyone recommend me one? Pegasus gym is close by, any opinions on this place? thanks
  12. kimchi

    Visa Agency London

    I'd actually be interested in hearing about this too - I'm also British, looking to apply for a Z visa for work in Hangzhou. Can I apply for this at an embassy that's not in the UK? I'd really hope so, as I'm currently living in Asia, and had no plans to fork out for flights to the UK and back to Asia afterwards... I've emailed the Chinese embassy in my current location and am waiting on a response.